Next dark hero

Help, what to do with then purple feeders. I know is all depends so first is what I have leveled
Sartana 4-80
Khiona +1
Seshat +9( part of def team)
Domintia 3-70
Khiona 3-67

Rigard_C +19
Rigard_C 4-70
Sabrina +19
Sabrina 4-70
Jabbar 4-70
Cyprian 4-65
Proteus +12

Tyrum_c 3-50
Renfeld 3-50(traceable butits done)
Balthazar 3-30 Now the unleveled looking for a champion on both the 4 & 5 level
Seshat, G-panther, Quintius-C,
another (Rigard or Proteus,) Merlin, Tiburtus-C, boomer(?? trashable)

G-bat and Chochin in the 3’s

I can take a 5 to 4-80 but in 4* challenges the darks are challenged in the attack world

So looking for suggestions on which hero or hero’s I should feed my purple feeder to.

The answer is always Panther.


and Merlin as a 4*

Boomer, yes bin unless something changes with him… i’m keeping just in case they buff him one day

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