Next Christmas Secret Santa

Have “Secret Santa” special heros in addition to the seasonal heros…Secret Santa hero is a special hero you win on a bonus summons that does not have a card. You wouldn’t know the attack stats until you maxed them, you would only know the special attack and mana charge…You could get a good one or a lemon…

Or a chance to trade a hero in for another like a gift exchange

I hope SG give all player HOTM for christmas present :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


This actually sounds fun :smile:

Something like:

  1. Trade in a 3* and you get the same chances as an epic hero summons to get something better 71% for a 3*, 26.5% for a 4* and 2.4% for a 5*.

  2. Trade in multiples of the same hero to increase chances.

  3. Trading in a 4* increases your chances to get another 4* or a 5* - but you could also get a 3*.

  4. Trading in a 5* further increases your chances but you could get a 3 or 4*.

It could even cost some gems so SG could profit (This is a business so they have to think of their bottom line :smile:)

Yes thank you and thank you for expanding the idea farther

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