Next challenge event?

If I understand it correctly, the next event will likely be the Knights quest, correct?

Anyone have a list of levels and bosses ?

Yes if there are no changes.


I need to get my guardian falcon maxxed asap

What color does it reflect? Just thinking ahead so I can prepare my team.

Reflect color is blue

huh Chevalier = Knight.

Today I learned…

Thank you! I will set aside the blue next event.

Thank you! Were the top of the leader boards last time were green and yellow heavy?

I always hated blue reflect, can’t use Grimm and can’t really use Gormek either (weak). I did pull Tib a couple of days ago, but my best heros are blue and red

I was able to finish it last time but I had to pay gems to continue on the final stage (Legendary)
The Knights challenge is the most difficult one, much more difficult than those ones with Guardians/Pirates and with those fairytale heroes, although that one was a little tricky too.

What color heroes should we prepare for the Knights of Avalon besides not using my blue? I double up on green? Is there any other color that we need to double up? Thanks.

I wouldn’t double on too many colors, I prefer just to leave out the color that reflects (blue in this case) and replace it with a second green.

If you leave out more than one color, there are too many tiles that don’t do any damage and still charge the enemy’s specials

If you look at the leader boards for events they tend to be all one or two color teams at the top. Of course you have to have the right set of leveled heros to do that,

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That’s true, using single or two color teams is a bit like gambling all or nothing and that can work when you can try it multiple times like in events.

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The 4* heroes I have are:

Green: Caedmon 4-41, Skittleskull (x2) 1-1
Blue: Grimm 4-24, Boril 1-1
Yellow: Hu Tao 3-60, Chao 3-21, Li Xiu 1-1
Red: Colen 4-1
Purple: Rigard 3-38

The 3* heroes: ‘‘best’’ ones fully ascended. No doubles ascended, yet.

The 5* heroes: Aeron 2-60, Justice 1-1 and Gregorian 1-1.

Currently working on: Caedmon, Colen, Chao, Grimm and Rigard.

Would it be smart to stop ascending others and ascend Skittleskull as well to tackle the Epic stages of this next event more easily? Or just use Belith/Brienne/Berden alongside Caedmon? I have the ascension materials.

You don‘t need skittle maxed. You can either use him 3/60 for the debuff or use brienne for attackbuff. Make sure to have some bombattacks ready though

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I did not mean to completely ascend him indeed. But considering he and Boril are the 4* heroes I have and could work on next, Skittles might be the better choice for now. Thanks for your reply.

If you don‘t want/need Skittle in epic event I would go with Gregorion. He can really help in event (legendary) and titan also at 3/70