Next blue attacker

The short question is Fenrir, Glenda or Cb potential Magni for the next blue attacker?

I know the canned answer is it depends. So here are the depends;
Vela+18, C-Sonya +20,+18 & 4-80, C-Magni 4-80, C-richard, Throne4-80, Iscarina 4-80, Grimm+20, CB-Kiril+20,+7,4-80 * 3-35 and Raf 4-77 and rising(drake and C-joon hogging new monk emblems)

I run in the 2600 cup range with a def around 4570. And I’m about 12 deep in each color for war with 5’s and 4*emblemed healers with a 3-2 attack style. Im using Vela as my blue “tank”. So your answer is ??? And any suggestions on tank potions???

Nice trick getting both Sonya and Kiril to 4-80…

As for the OP, I’d do Glenda next.


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