Next blue and purple?

Hi there,

I’ll soon be able to ascend another purple 5* heroe, and my first blue one. However, I can’t choose which one.

Blue : Fenrir or Raffaele ?
Purple : Clarissa or Victor ?

None of these heroes will get any emblems before a while. I will use them in raid attack and war attack.

The point is… I don’t really need another 5* healer, even though Raffaele’s heal is maybe one of the most powerful in the entire game. But does Fenrir deserve to be maxed ? Is he really useful ? Or should I wait for another one ?

Concerning the purple ones, I’ve already maxed Guardian Panther and Jabberwock. So the choice between Clarissa and Victor is quite annoying : they are both very good heroes.

My maxed 5* :
Yellow : Guinevere
Purple : Guardian Panther, Jabberwock
Green : Lady of the Lake
Red : Queen of Hearts, Red Hood
Blue : nobody for the moment

Sitting at 3/70 :
Yellow : Malosi (next to be ascended)
Purple : Victor, Clarissa
Green : Tarlak (next to be ascended), C-Horghall
Red : Lady Loki, Gefjon, Elena
Blue : Fenrir, Raffaele

Not leveled for the moment :
Yellow : Bai Yeong, Norns, Neith, Justice, Vivica, Joon
Purple : Obakan, Quintus, Khiona, Zulag
Green : Zooc, Atomos, Elkanen, Lianna
Red : Baldur, Marjana, Azlar, Grazul, Guardian Kong
Blue : Glenda

Clarissa over victor.

Fenrir doesn’t threatening enough actually.
Raffaele good as a healer and really helpful on hard maps.
It’s depend on u. If u need blue attacker than healer then choose fenrir.

In my honest opinion, I would focus on Clarissa and Glenda
Whichever heroes you choose good luck

I agree with @JGE… Glenda and clarissa.
Good luck pal

Thanks a lot for your advices. :slight_smile:

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