Next blue 5* what to choose

My choices will be Raffaele and Fenrir so far. Who is better for war attack?

My other maxed 5* are:

King Arthur

You have 10 of 5* maxed blue heroes already.
You better keep ascension materials for future use.
Rafaelle and Fenrir both are not worth for the telescopes compared to those 10 heroes.

Wait for upcoming heroes, or wait until both Rafaelle and Fenrir get re-balance…

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Really? With 10 ascended heroes in single element I feel you’re entitled to a few frivolous choices, to choose niche or fun heroes just because!!

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Fenrir is better because hes usable. Use your fasts, Ariel and king Arthur (maybe). Supplement in a kiril (with costume bonus/ with or without wearing it) to supplement another healer if needed for an addittional line depending how you run your lines.
That may only be usefull if you dont face telly tanks in war anyway. So as @angkritr said, neither is an option.

Disagree. You don’t have a five star healer other than Ariel, and given the clear depth of your squad a different skill set, even at slow mana, is welcome. So Rafa

I think Fenrir is crap, especially when compared to your other hitters

At the very least Rafa is a beast in very fast tournaments. I can’t envision a situation where Fenrir is useful compared to that list. With that many ascended blues it is hard to see how you need anything really. Blue is a bad colour n the meta, with all the yawn Telluria tanks

As for keeping the mats, I cannot think of a must have blue in any of the beta info at the moment (fairy godmother seems meh), so by the time one comes along at your level of play you’re likely to have more mats anyway


In my honest opinion, with that amount of maxed 5* Blue in your roster, you can afford to be frivolous.
I would go with Raffaele …
But you could always take both to 3/70 and see how they play for you before you make your final decision.
Whichever hero you choose, good luck

I am pretty sure that @Duofresh has great healers in different color.
So I suggest to save telescopes for other ice heroes in the future.

To be honest, from the blue list, if he has a similar galaxy of stars in all colours, the OP doesn’t need much of anything. Which is why, just like @JGE I feel like they could do anything they want - so why not Rafa for something different?

A while ago I thought Fenrir would be nice because I favor fast snipers as well, but till I read someone’s post says when Fenrir is charged it feels awkward to fire right away it only does 300% dmg, you want him for the finishing blow. The thing is I use Persues very few times, think I haven’t use him for almost a year even for war and he hit for 355% which is higher than 300, I don’t really want another Persues. I have a lot maxed 5* yes but alot of them are not good for war, some are only for titan some are not being used for a long time like: Iarnia, King Arthur, Miki are mainly titan hero they are not good out of titan at least not very popular. Aegir and Perseus are only used in raid/war back in the day they are not so good now days either, that’s why I need new blood even after maxed all those. They say Raffaele turns the tide once he fires, he is just you know, slow. Anchor’s group does give him A for offense and Fenrir got A- seems close and both are not good on defense.

scratches head

Man, you have many maxed ice legendaries that you only missed Master Lepus and Fride among the elite blues, although you have KA for elemental def down but Frida, for me still trumps since she hits 3 and she has Element Link.

Fenrir is a pure finisher - he’s not there to put a dent in a healthy hero like a pure sniper would (eg: Alice, Alasie, etc), he’s not there to put down an elemental debuff for tiles to do the job…
He’s there to make sure an injured target actually dies.

So let’s say, for example, your tiles have already injured a target to 49% HP - Fenrir practically guarantees a kill…
And then makes himself more likely to be alive and ready to do the same again by healing and getting a jumpstart on mana towards his next cast.

With a bench as deep as yours, you’re only able to emblem some of your heroes, and you’re probably sitting in quite high diamond taking on highly emblemed defences.
IMHO this is a point in Fenrir’s favour - because even without emblems, he’ll do his job as a finisher…

Niche? Somewhat - as a finisher he’s a support attacker, still needing primary attackers.
Crap? No way.

You’ve got a deep bench - deep benches allow you to max niche heroes because you won’t be stuck trying to use them in situations or team builds that don’t suit them… But you’re primed to take advantage of them where they really do shine.

On the mana speed/holding point… Think of him as the opposite of Woolerton - she’s fast first time, then slow thereafter (unless you have teammates or heavy emblems to stop her crippling herself).
Fenrir is kinda the opposite - by holding the special, he plays like average/slow for the first hit and then fast/vfast after that.
If you feel uncomfortable holding specials I can see why you’d dislike this… But it’s definitely worth trying properly.


I’ve said nothing about Raffaele here, but these are both good heroes… I just wanted to contest the idea that Fenrir is worthless - couldn’t be much further from the truth IMHO.


Perhaps I am judging Fenrir too harshly. The only experience I have of him is when he is on defense, and he has caused me precisely zero problems

If he has a use case on attack, then I defer to your greater experience

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Yea that’s a common mistake when judging attacking heroes - no merit on defence doesn’t mean they’re no good at all :slight_smile:

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I dont know if you have Kiril costumed and emblemed or not. I’ve a costumed Kiril at +20 who’s probably as useful as any non-emblemed max level 5* healer including Raffaele.
Its good to have a healer to put on each mono team but red tanks aren’t really seen in wars which kind of negates the need for a 2nd mono blue team. I’ve 9 max 5* blues plus the Kiril and half of them warm the bench in wars. So I guess its kind of down to having flexibility in your roster. Which of them has a special skill that isn’t replicated in your other max 5* blues etc? You can afford to take a chance with having so many already

atk? fenrir! :100: