Next beta tester recruiting

Does anybody know when new beta testers will be recruited?

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They just finished an intake so doubt it will be anytime soon

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How do you know in advance of when the next round of recruiting will begin?

Generally it seems to come around once a year and the most recent one wasn’t long ago.

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Just a bit of feedback for any SG people reading:

It would be really appreciated if you sent a quick form letter saying, “Thanks for your application, but all positions have been filled. Please feel free to apply during the next cycle.” I assume they got my application. I do not KNOW that they got my application.

Or even “You’re clearly a chickenhead, please never apply again!” I’d accept that! Feedback is good.


I would also have liked something acknowledging I applied. I have seen other posts that say while they ask for Beta testers once a year, they can reach out to you at any point through the year. So I am still waiting to hear back!

Thx all for your input.

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