Next batch of 4s to work on?

Hello again :blush:

So I’ve finished maxing my second rainbow of 4s and I’m looking at who should get the mats next.

Not pictured, mostly 1/1:

:open_umbrella: Tibs, Cheshire Cat, Boomer, 2nd Proteus
:sunny: Gretel, Danzaburo, Hu Tao
:droplet: Boril, Capt of Diamonds, Agwe
:seedling: Kashhrek
:fire: Gormek

I was leaning towards Tibs (or Merlin), Gretel, Triton or Sonya (especially since I have her costume), less clear on red and green, maybe either LJ or Colen and Peters or Kelile.

A little background in case it helps:

I completed legendary of Grimforest, and I’m confident I can complete advanced in Santa’s Challenge.

I can beat the second level of all the trials but the final stage is hit or miss.

I’m in the middle of S2 Province 12 and my last (and only) attempt of the first hard mode level failed miserably, though I’ve made a bit of leveling progress since then, not sure that it would be much better.

Currently hitting 10-11* titans

Our alliance rotates tank color and coordinates flanks as well. I usually just find something to work, I’m not really at the point where I can prioritize having an ideal tank + flanks of every color over heroes that will help me with map and event levels.

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Hi Bro nice to see you around.
Having a maxed proteus makes me doubt if leveling or not a second one immediately

Id go with tiberius/proteus. Gormek , Triton and gretel.
Kashhrek have a lot of hate here but It is kind of useful if you dont have a maxed 5* for Green tank in AW. Gaderius is very good too

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Hiya! Well done on your second set!

Purple - Cheshire Cat. High attack stat & Defence down vs. holy enemies (great for Yellow Titans). Better attack stat than Tibs

Yellow - Gretel. Mana control is DA BOMB!!!

Blue - DEFINITLY SONYA if shes not maxed… so you get the full Costume benefit (both costume & sonya). Triton would probably be next in terms of a great sniper followed by Capt of Diamonds.

Green - Gaderius for the attack buff & HoT. Peters is also great as a handy sniper & silencer (Not quite as good as hansel but…). LJ next for rush attack tournaments.

Red - Colen is probably the next natural one. With Wilbur & Colen the damage can be devastating. Kelile would be the pick if you need a sniper

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I would consider boril riposte is a pain! Once it’s off yah generally in a not good situation on the attack.
And basically what @Guvnor said

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Nice work.

Purple - Merlin, then Cheshire Cat (or Tibs if you prefer him for def down)
Yellow - Gretel
Blue - Sonya, then Triton
Green - Peters for sure. Gaderius is slow and limited use long term (I have him maxed)… nex
Red - go with your gut, no great choices… IMO Wilbur makes Gormek redundant, Kelile is fast and ok, Colen is devestating but slow and squishy, never had Sumito so unsure, but he could be an option… maybe take a few to 3.60, save your mats for a bit and hope for Guardian Falcon in January.

Note: Having a boril or cyprian maxed is handy, pick one not both. I prefer cyprian - he does more damage, boril is tankier though.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I think I’ll probably stew about it a bit longer.

I currently don’t have anyone for my sorcerer, ranger, and paladin emblems, so that might influence my decision.

I was planning to give my Druid emblems to Melendor, but I doubt he’ll be in my defense team, especially now unless I completely rework it. Should I give some to Caedmon?

I’d love to pull falcon next month, and if I did I’m sure that would have an impact as well. Maybe I should just work on bringing more to 3.60 and/or work on a rainbow team of 3s in the meantime.