Next Atlantis summon?

Hello !

Does anyone know when we will be able to summon Atlantis heroes again ?

Thank you !

Hi @Yuzuki. I have 25 days remaining. I found this by going to the season 2 map on my base screen - once on map. You can see a timer count down. Hope this helps …:innocent:


I saw it but I thought it was just the announcement of the next levels for S2 map.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

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It is, but one could safely assume that the summon also returns then.


@Manule thanks for this information! I was wondering… I didn’t realize that the summons for Atlantis heroes was a limited time the first round, so I only got 1 in. Next one I’ll get more. Razor


@Razor just a note. If you want to complete the missions. I found doing the season 2 providence 3 /5. I completed all 3 with repeating it👍🏼


@Manule - Excellent! Thanks for the Tip! Much appreciated. :wink: - RaZoR

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Hey guys, could anybody show a screenshot of this timer. I’ve heard from multiple sources that there is a timer for the next summon but can’t for the life of me find it! maybe nub maybe dumb not sure.


The timer can be seen if you finished lvl15 Purato-Plateau at least in easy mode.
Momentarily it says 7d15h.

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Ohhhh I’ve never been told it’s only when you’ve completed what is available. I’m only cleared up to 14 and working on hardmodes. Guess i should go finish that!

■■■■, that was my plot to track your username


Everytime i have to edit because i forget to do it the first time :laughing:

You have 1 entire minute to spot me.

Any idea on the heroes that will be available on the next atlantis summon?

We won’t know what’s available until it starts.

Kageburado and Inari for sure as “special” features.
Old HotM i bet on Delilah and Alasie.

Hi I have only been playing for 2 months and heard all this talk of Atlantis summons wondering what it is all about
This thread throws a bit of light on it for me but still a couple of questions
Do you have to finish Season 1 first?
How does the Atlantis summon work - gems = pulls?
Sorry to ask such dumb questions

Scroll down til you find the Atlantis summon section.

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Hi @KLinMayhem - got that and have a good stable of heroes from Summons etc.
What is the Atlantis summon???
Is there special qualification before you can do it?
how does it come about?
Do I have to finish Season 1 first?
How does a 30 pull Summon work - is it just cost more in Gems?

Atlantis summons is an addition to the group of summons portals regularly available. Anyone can use it. It opens up on the Thursday before the last weekend of each month, running through the Sunday.

There are several unique things about the Atlantis portal:

  • it includes heroes unique to Season 2, many of which are considered very fine. These heroes can only be drawn at this portal; they cannot be trained on a Training Camp
  • every 10 summons awards an Ascenion Chest that includes an unfarmable Epic or Rare ascenion material
  • it costs more than event, elemental or epic summons: 350 gems for a single draw, 3000 for a 10x and 8600 for a 30x.
  • as with elemental or epic summons, each summons has a chance of gaining the current Hero<of the Month
  • the Atlantis portal also features two Heroes of the Month from previous months.

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