Next Atlantis Rising: December 19 - 21: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM [Currently discussing December 19 Cycle]

If the pattern continued forever, then no. But nothing says it’ll continue.

They may also have other ways in mind to bring back old HOTM as part of other game elements like Season 3 or Hero Academy.


I just can’t wait for my last 10 pulls of disappointment :wink:
As f2p who just finished s2 hard this will be my last shot a wilbur…but hey - renfeld is just lurking behind the corner :rofl:


Your luck might come calling, dont fret…i have 700 coins to pull also after finishing s2 hard

I am going to jynx myself but I haven’t had a Renfeld, Graymane or Prisca for a long time lol…
7 free pulls (728 coins) I have, so I am sure I will get one of them on Thursday haha

Does anybody know what time Atlantis will start this month. I’m in the US and we recently shifted an hour back for daylight savings and ever since every event has started an hour earlier (trials and challenge event). I was wondering if Atlantis would also start an hour earlier than usual (well at least for me because I have no clue how the rest of the world deals with time).

It should start an hour earlier, like with everything else… that is what I am anticipating anyway

So are you anticipating it will begin 3 hours from now?

Check the post at the top of the page, shows the time in your timezone :+1:


Well would you look at that. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how it’s in my timezone? Is it different for everybody??

Anyways yeah it will be 1 hour earlier than usual for me. Thanks Maldos, I appreciate it!

Yeah it’s different for everybody, i’m in Australia and it shows 6.00pm for me.

It’s some fancy computer thing, it updates differently for everybody based on the timezone you are in when you view the post.

Crazy aye.
(am not trying to be sarcastic, it actually is crazy)


Yeah I agree. It’s crazy forsure. I’ve visited this thread countless times and I never knew. And I call myself a regular :woozy_face:


I’m glad someone noticed that I did that. :rofl:


Here is what I got across my main and Alt #2:


More feeders for mah costumes, and got Boril finally!! Now I have both riposte heroes!

Did some single pulls just because.

Here is what I got on my alt #2:

I got the left hook in my mana stall-cut combo that I started off with on my main! Our Lord and Saviour Proteus has joined the ranks of the Geth Consensus! And for the sake of clarification, my Alt #2 goes by Geth Consensus and yes I am a huge Mass Effect fan. Anyway, the lone pull I did on Alt #1 pulled Gato which I am happy with because I have been pursuing him ever since I started pulling from Atlantis.

EDIT: Just did the flash offer pulls on Alt #1 and got nothing noteworthy until the final pull… I GOT PROTEUS!!! That makes all three profiles has Lord Fishface now!

EDIT #2: @PapaHeavy Still no Wilbur…


0.3% :heart:


I’m sad to say that the most interesting ones I got were Agwe (for yeti farming) and Neith x2. I already have a +20 Wilbur, so he wasn’t as impressive, have 4 Rigards already. Chased Evelyn and lost.

And I’m pretty much done until Vivica Zatanna costume becomes featured. Then maybe I’ll splurge.

But I think I’m done for mass pulls. Just full stop.


I’m strongly considering saving all gems for mass pulling in Feb.


@MD-DC Want a Hu Tao for that Wilbur dupe of yours? Lol. :joy:

I don’t think it’s a good tactic to spend gems on Atlantis anymore when I already have Wilbur/Proteus. Also the featured heroes don’t look that exciting anymore to me, there’s always one or two heroes I already have or don’t want (Mokk-ar/Atomos looking at you!), when looking at the expected featured heroes. I think it’s better to wait for season 3. I did spend all my gems on costumes though ;p

Is anyone averaging more than 1 backpack per WE anywhere in Atlantis? I’ve been farming province 1 but the number of backpacks awarded is leaving a lot to be desired.

@Mr.Spock Are you doing 1-7 on normal or hard?

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