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He was just featured a few months ago. Could be a while before he is again

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Yes, was featured when hotm was Seshat. I know this because I pulled them both :smile:

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I know…I got Mitsuko on a single pull months ago. I got muggy on the pull before that. 2 pulls that’s it. Got Buchan on single and Peters was from one too. Granted he was the 3rd single I did last pirates from Coins got berden and Valen before that and was only shooting for vodnik.

Aim low - the official motto of the SG forum :star:


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You might want to save some for February hotm. Its going to make Nat obsolete and even GM will look weaker. Of course they likely will Nerf him but Jean Francois is going to be insane if they release him like that. I like Nat but rarely see her but gm is everywhere in diamond.

When you say nerf GM, would it be lessening his effect if he’s already on your team or lessening any future GM pulls? I keep hearing how strong he is, but I have had him maxed for awhile and he’s no more special than some of my other 5* heroes.

He’s speaking about Jean Francois, you misunderstood.

Well, I do plan on doing my first x10 pull on Atlantis so here is hoping for at least one five star or a slew of 4 stars I do not have yet (Wilbur, Rigard cough cough)

I hope that they balance him. I hate the power creep that I am seeing, and this is from somebody who has been first in the world more than once. I want season 1 heroes to be as meaningful as season 3 heroes. I want everybody to have a shot at the top, and I want people with season one heroes to be able to do that. I should try again using only season 1 heroes.


Why Taco? Season 1 heroes was during season 1. Anyone new to the game is going to need too “catch up” and that’s not happening with the vanillas. I started at the beginning of the year and have not wasted any mats on a single season 1 hero ( oh I’m sure people will chime in with Lianna… but there’s Kingston, zeline coming up etc.). Let the game progress.


Yeah, so I got bored and started an alt account where I am not spending money. WOEFULLY DEPRESSING. Not everybody is interested in spending themselves into bankruptcy just to keep “fresh”. If that’s the kind of attrition you want, then great. Personally, I think it is the huge group of average players in the middle who spend small amounts on the game that adds up to the profits for this company. Marginalizing them due to things like lack of ascension materials and time needed to level heroes does nothing to further this game in the long run. By the time that they spend 6-8 months leveling up, the world has passed them by again.
The older heroes should absolutely serve a purpose, otherwise this is just a game for the elite few.


I think he’s just voicing concern about that keeping up with the progression you refer to requires financial investment. Yes, you can get hotm on tokens etc, but the likelihood is not reliable enough if you want to keep up with the “progression” of the game and be a top performer. A lot of people don’t like how the most attainable 5* for the vast majority of people struggle to keep up with all the newest heroes.

Here’s why you’re wrong. I’ve played over 17 months now and was c2p but am now f2p. I have 14 5* all s1 except mitsuko. All s1 4s and all the good s2 except Wilbur. Lianna, domitia, joon, Magni, kadilen, mitsuko maxed with +9 avg emblems and Vivica, khagan, Elena 3.70, isarnia, horghall, Magni (2), justice x2 all unleveled.
I fought a raid yesterday against Kingston, Seshat, gm, drake, frida and didn’t just lose but got destroyed 3x.
I know we all lose etc. But this was destruction every time. I think I could have played 100 times and still lost 95 even with Good boards.
I finish all trials, events placed top 1% in last raid tournament, etc.
But why because a game goes on should the first heroes become useless to those who were here to get them and level them. And why should someone who starts the game today suffer because the available heroes can’t compete with the new ones and even if they spend from day 1 they will be behind. You only get 1 hotm and a brief shot at Atlantis but the rest of the time is mainly s1 hero’s. So a new player shouldn’t go through the belith hawkmoon phase to the melendor rigard phase to the Vivica and if you’re lucky kunchen, Ariel, delilah phase. Instead they must but their way to kunchen and Seshat and gm? But of course they can’t right away as they’re not here to pull.

Anyhow that’s a few things but I don’t want to hijack the thread. Like the poster above me said, you should be able to pay and compete without spending like crazy.


Looking at the new heroes’ trend seems like even whales would start knowing how F2P are feeling as their good heroes would turn into subpar by comparison.

I hope they would still like their rooster and wouldn’t spend more than they were originally planning to chase the new ones… however classic heroes are becoming more and more irrelevant.

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You can compete if you’ve played that long. That team that “destroyed” you… how about you post the pic. I’m guessing he was a highly emblemed/trooped out defense. The fact is these new heroes aren’t that much better… better yes but slightly. The difference usually comes on highly leveled troops as far as money spent and it has been like that for awhile. I just think instead of pumping “buff Toth”, “nerf” this guy and “it’s not fair” just go with the flow. Many vets on the forumns don’t chase new heroes because it doesn’t upgrade there top 30 all that much and they’re still playing top 100. New heroes is SG way of attracting money… so new people can compete- but they will still lose to the long term guy who can stack a decent team from a large pool


You literally make my point after saying go with the flow. O.k. look at your quote. If they lose every time how is that competing?

Clearly you have a different view. Have fun, spend away. I’m not going to argue as you clearly miss the point.

And as for screenshot no I don’t have one, yes they were emblemed but I had my heroes at same level as their’s so that’s moot. Anyhow at some point they’ll all be at +20. So the new heroes will still be better. And we haven’t seen s3 stats or skills yet. Its the overall creep that there’s a problem with.
Mortal kombat added new characters each new game but you could still use some originals they included and fight to victory. Whether you were beginner or pro you had access to even heroes. Here its falling out of balance.
Just take the original s1 heroes and look as t the balance. None too strong or weak relative to their peers. One healer color balance speed balance and each has sniper, area attackers etc. This pool is skewed to the newer heroes. I’m not against New heroes but they don’t have to be built at the expense of originals. By s4 your s2 hero’s will be useless. So basically we should have to buy to play at a good level.
Its not even the wars or raids. Its the events and just look at the previous ones. The final stages were a huge topic in the forum about how hard the new bosses were. So they will keep getting harder and eventually you will HAVE to pay just to enjoy the game. Not a good idea…


I think thats why there will be costume S1 heroes to balance it. Costume will increase stats and also change the skill. I do not know if there will be S2 or S3 or HOTM heroes costume.

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No Obsidian you missed the connection from the quote. The point is-that is exactly how it is now with older players beating newer players ( probably because of deeper benches rather then tougher heroes) and it’s how it’ll be later. So, what is your solution? All the same heroes but one for each color?

This is a common and silly misconception.
Equally strong/viable/balanced doesn’t mean in any way “clones”.


That’s a stellar idea. One little hitch to overcome- how will SG be able to sell the same thing over and over again just bundled in different artwork? Maybe being a little realistic on how buisness works would be in order here.

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