Next Atlantis Rises: October 1: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

Thanks ive been looking for awhile

But with 24 orbs you could take Leo to 3/70, he will be far more useful then than at 2/60.

@Morgoth have u seen anyone track the full 4 atlantis heroes?


Yes I could, and I intend to do just that, but I’ve had a queue of hero’s to lvl up! And due to the cost I only lvl 1 5* at anytime, finished marj, now in 4th tier with marge, so Leo is next unless I get lucky before hand :wink:

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@gibs do u have this in a shareable format?

Not sure what you mean by ‘full 4 atlantis heroes’ but I do have table with heroes of available 4* stars


If you need their stats then this is the treasure cove


I found it in some of your other posts! Created a page how i was trying to visualize it. Thanks for keeping us stocked w info!


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What’s the “A” for? Atlantis? Certainly not the grade for Danzaburo

Most certainly Atlantis, as the list may have other heroes.

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No Danzaburo is G for God tier


Here you go @Tweezy

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it’s just mark for Atlanatis, R is for regular heroes, H for HoTMs and so on… Who would grade Danzaburo as A, that’s crazy :joy:

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Does anyone knows which HOTM’s/other 5 star heros will be featured on next atlantis event?

Hi @LordWoodland, I realize it’s a long thread to read through at this point, but the information you want is there, if you look hard enough.

Last month’s gate was tested in beta, one of two gates shown. As such, beta testers have guessed that this month’s gate will be the second combination that was shown. If that’s true, the featured Atlantis heroes will be Tarlak and Mitsuko, and the returning HOTM’s will be Athena and Gregorian.

(You probably didn’t mean this, but if you’re uncertain about the regular (i.e., not the returning) HOTM, that is known for every month through…I think October now. For the June Atlantis Event it will be Ranvir, like it is right now for other summons (e.g., Elemental and Epic).)

In general, guessing the exact Atlantis and returning heroes is an inexact science, though usually if you follow this thread you can get pretty close.


alright, big thanks. thats what i was looking for :slight_smile:

and i realised that Hel was in the Atlantis Event 2 times on a row (am i correct?). when will she come back again? i guess you cant know this but just wondering. same with alby

Haha, that is much harder to project. The best advice I can give you is to gather the data on the past Atlantis Gates (several people do that and have posted it in the thread), then try to perceive some sort of pattern, and come up with a multiple month projection.

To the extent that what you’re wondering is, ‘how can I plan when I will summon,’ I will say that - at pretty much every point in time - we often have a pretty good idea of who is coming up in the next month or two. The beta testers are very generous in sharing the information they’re allowed to share. We knew the last Atlantis Gate with a reasonably high degree of confidence.


If I remember correctly, no hotm appeared more than two times in Atlantis summon. Thus I’d expect GM to return in June, but not Hel.

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thanks @IvyTheTerrible and @grzechol. whats GM tho?

GM is a common abbreviation for Gravemaker


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