Next Atlantis Rises: October 1: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

That’s crazy. Seriously crazy. Lol :man_facepalming:t2:


I think never getting any 5* is definitely worse than no HOTM.

I’m sorry to hear about your disappointing draw, @Mr.Spock! :confused:


So many disappointing pulls in a row the last couple months. Throw me a bone SG

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Heck, throw me a turkey! :grin:

Kidding, kidding… :wink:

Wasn’t sure where to put this so I guess I’ll just leave it here… :slight_smile:


If you mean Seadragon, Here it is:

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Looking ahead to Apr 2020 (Holy HotM), I wonder if we will finally see a Legendary Panda?? :crossed_fingers: :panda_face:


Hahah well this sucks. I am on 97 AR Coins, no energy left and 10 mins to go.
My final hopes was to get some from Wanted Chest or from winning the War. 50 gems, no WE Flasks… Oh well haha

Just completed S2 (on normal) got 3 duplicate 3 stars for my troubles :disappointed:

At least they’ll be waiting for you next time!

Yeah, and hopefully as well by then I will have finished Hard Mode (235/270 so far, and I beat Ursena Already). So that’s another 175 coins, and then you get what 300 for completing? So I will hopefully have 5 pulls, which will be great.

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What heroes are expected for January?

@Shawsy, Expected for January
Past HOTM: Zeline and Kunchen
Atlantis featured: Misandra and Poseidon.


Expected but also since it’s the start of a new year everything could be reset into some new pattern.


I really hope they don’t change the pattern. I need a good green 5* and would love a chance at Zeline!

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So no more Alberich in whole year??? :sob: :sob:


Yeah that’s why people spent quite a bit when he came around

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Isn’t the Atlantis rises now last for 4 days again?

They did that just for the past one AFAIK unless they plan on extending the costume chamber hiatus

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Unless v26 comes out in the next ten days, AR will remain at 3.5 days in length.

Edit: link added

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