Next Atlantis Rises: October 1: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

Yeah me too. She would amazingly fit to my femme fatal squad.

There is a rumor floating around the community that Atlantis will be shorten to 3 days? Any thoughts?

Not a rumor. I believe it was announced by the staff.

Edit: Atlantis Rises: Duration Change to a 3-Day Event

Confirmed by SGG: Atlantis Rises: Duration Change to a 3-Day Event

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Hi @zephyr1
The title and OP need the date changing to September 27 :sob:


Updated, thanks! And I updated this too: 🔱 Atlantis Rises – FAQ & Discussion – Next Sep 27, 2019

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If they added new heroes this upcoming Atlantis, everyone would forget about the shortened AR duration :grin: it would also make sense to add more so that the three families are balanced again after adding Ursena and Muggy. I’d like to see new holy heroes especially :blush:

Not everyone. I stand a far better chance of benefiting from more days of AR than I do the introduction of new Atlantis heroes, especially since I’ve exhausted the reliable sources of Atlantis coins. In fact, I still don’t have the most desirable epic heroes already in Atlantis - Wilbur and Proteus - so I don’t want new heroes diluting the already low chance that I’ll get one of them on the one-pull-per-two months or so I’m able to do now.


Returning Heroes possibly heading our way next week?

Albi qnd Aegir as said above

No one’s determined a definitive pattern to which Atlantis heroes will be featured yet have they?
Is the current projected slate: Alberich, Aegir, [Ariel, Mok-Arr, Ursena)

I would say Mok-Arr and Ariel are the most possible, if we are looking on “one hero good, one hero bad” and colors.


Ariel and Ursena along with Alby and Aegir would be too good to be true. I dare not hope. With “just” those two HOTMs and either Ariel and Ursena, I would predict SGG to do well this month.

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I still need Kage, Inari, and Mitsuko to finish up the Sakura family. So I am hoping one of featured this coming Thursday.

I’m expecting Ariel and Mok-Arr for this Atlantis. And I think they will add some new Atlantis heroes at some point, maybe already for the next Atlantis. So I guess Ursena + new hero for next time. Or in case there will be no new heroes, I’d assume they repeat the already seen combinations, such as Ursena plus Inari

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I doubt we’re going to get new Atlantis heroes. I think any new map heroes they want to add will be saved for Season 3 next year.


If there would be addition of new heroes to Atlantis portal, I suppose we would have known from beta info, Can’t recall reading any info regarding new S2 Atlantis hero, if I understand correctly…?

That said, I would love to see Alberich, Aegir as returning HotM and for S2 feature Ariel and Ursena, certainly not Mok-ar as I got him already on 0.3 chance.


If you’re not needing a potential tank (aegir) and already have alby, is it worthwhile to pull?

The Atlantis chests have been 90% meh.

Even if ursena is featured, I’d need 11 tabards to ascend her so I’m considering not doing any pulls.


As a Beta Tester, you have the same information we do. SG does not notify us when new or returning hero’s will make an appearance in Atlantis Rising. There is a speculative schedule that is pretty accurate for returning HOTM’s. Alby and Aegir should be available for this Atlantis Rising as they were 2017 & 2018 October HOTM’s. Thoth-Amun & Zimkitha (2017 & 2018 HOTM) should be available for Late October’s Atlantis Rising based off past Hero releases.

We are currently testing new amazing Event Hero’s.
Many more event rewards with impressive new event hero’s (wonderland, Pirates, Guardian, etc…) with new buildings and features will add another dimension to our favorite game.

Best Wishes and good luck with your pulls.


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