Next Atlantis Rises: November 5: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

Returning HOTM should be avalaible in Valhalla instead of Atlantis… I mean from Atlantis I just get dupes since I already have all 4* and most of 5*. For Old players there is no reason to pull in Atlantis just to get dupes.

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Close to 2yrs of play, Atlantis is yet my favorite! Possibly after getting Kage, Mits and a bunch of past HotM I missed out on, then…although I’m loving the masquerade and Valhalla already.

I kinda like HoTM are not in Valhalla. The reason I have 0 S2 heroes is I pulled old HoTM instead (which is not bad, but I would like, from Atlantis portal, you know, actual Atlantis heroes). HoTM should be in HA insted (hopefully coming anytime soon-ish). Also one reason why I don’t pull this time is one specific old HoTM.

One specific old HotM…hmmm easy to guess …from my Alt account, one pull from coins brought that HotM along with the current HotM Malosi.( 2 very fast).
We cannot tell, that old HotM may receive some revamping, hopefully one day…

This fell on deaf ears I see lol

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Congarts :muscle: :sparkles:

There is Summon thread already mentioned by @Guvnor :
:trident: [Apr 2020] Atlantis Summon Results


Surprised nobody wants June for Seshat. Gregorian is okay, as is Melisandre. Poseidon is good too. Is Rafael really that hated?

yeah, if i had the gems, I’d rather pull teltoc. Which I’m gonna do.

But yeah, raff isn’t really desirable, if I get him, I’m not gonna level him in a long, long time.

I pulled in Jan when it was Misandra and Poseidon had pretty good luck :grinning: personally, so that’s most of why for me. I dunno about Raf, haven’t heard great things though.

I would have wanted Seshat if I didn’t already have 3 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Also have Kingston (just the one!) and Lianna (no costume yet) so am not desperate for Greg. Oh, and Poseidon. No Ariel though, so may well be interested in Raf. It’s a long way to June in development terms - he could turn out good after all, who knows? They don’t always tweak downwards. Usually, but not always…

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Hoping to get Tarlak this Atlantis. One day left. !fingers crossed!

I know not to pair Tarlak with Ranvir/Wu but do pair with Wilbur. :slight_smile:

Wondering which greens you’d pair Tarlak with: Lianna? Evelyn? Kingston? Others (greens or other colors)?

Would you use him for Titans? Raids?

Thanks for all your help. :hugs:

EDIT: I pulled him! 5:32 am EST! I’m ecstatic!!!:joy: My 13th pull this month (4 just now). 13 is my lucky # along with 17. Maybe I’ll get Alasie in the next 4 pulls. :thinking: Here’s hopin’.

Still no HOTM though :slightly_frowning_face:


What happened to the # of recruits on S2 15-8H? Usually during AR I get around 50…which is what I was getting 15 hrs ago. Now I’m getting an avg of 30 which is the normal amount. We’re supposed to get more mats during AR, aren’t we?

What gives? :persevere:

EDIT: Same thing is happening on 13-1H and 25-1N.

Anyone else having this problem???

Update after heavy autofarm at 1-9 normal…aka backpack fever…
I’ve ended with 1250 in queue for uncommon training. The tradeoff - 22 flasks consumed…
I’ve noticed that I was getting little bit more backpack when autofarm instead of consuming tickets, but due to limited amount of ticket runs the sample might be deceiving :frowning:
Anyway - as the collateral damage I’ve got like 200 coins, so I pulled twice…crap as usual :wink:
Looking forward to next Atlantis gate :slight_smile:

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You were right @Lexxtarc!! This is proof that not wanting something definitely affects your summons!! I’ve done a whole series of tests (2) so this is extremely scientific! :wink:


Who in the world would not want Telluria ? Well i should say i didnt want her
I dont want clarissa , i hope i dont get her in may


Oh @Lexxtarc, I’m right there with you!! If I pull Clarrisa I may have to walk away. Her name alone…with all the aaaaa’s and rrrrr’s ugh.


That explains it all. :wink:


I see what you did there!

/always fun to watch that growing up…


You know what’s messed up… I’ve been doing the - click on and close the summoning portal 5 times and then make a pull ( read it somewhere) and actually have been having better results! If you don’t mind I think I’ll start “pulling for heroes” I don’t want as well

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I certainly don’t want that Clarissa for certain!! I believe you’d hate her just as much @Texas1970? What a waste of gems she would be!!


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