Next Atlantis Rises: November 5: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

GM is there and would be a nice get for me, but Clarissa is the real draw(for me). Already have more margarets than are useful, have mits and 4 miki’s. But i will definitely pull injuly for a shot at drake and Ariel is the only hero i’ve chased since seshat. But Telluria who i got on 3 token pulls, has even taken some of the shine off of Ariel.

I was thinking of saving up all of my valhalla coins and valhalla offers for april/may for clarissa, and possibly saving gems for july atlantis.

I wish valhalla came earlier, so I could decide whether to use gems on may atlantis based on whether I got clarissa or not from valhalla… cuz I don’t want to “waste” gems on valhalla… it is a dilemma.

May also has Clarissa

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I think im gonna wait awhile on Valhalla. Got the 4* i want already, probably wait until tyr gets featured or i have enough tokens to get the mat chest open. Baldur maybe. I’ve got enough on my bench and if we take Atlantis as an example, the better heroes for Valhalla will probably come later.

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Since that out of the blue swap I’ve wished they were flip flopped. Valhalla at the start of the month, AR at the end

New topic now active for the APRIL ATLANTIS summons portal:


Anyone recall what the usual final-day offer is? I should remember by now… but can’t. And couldn’t find it listed at top of this post. I’ve got a bookmark that gets me to the Valhalla offers. Be handy to have an AR one. Thanks!

it’s actually in the valhalla offers thread as a comparison:


Oh lol cool thanks! New it was WE flasks and loot tix… wasn’t sure of gems/coins, and amounts.

Took the chance (with Margaret in the mix of featured 5-stars)… and after several Atlantis summons out popped a 5-star… it was Margaret… :frowning:

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There’s a lesson in there somewhere.


break your piggy bank and pretend you don’t want GM next month?

That wasn’t precisely the one I had in mind, but I suppose it counts…

Had 14 pulls on Atlantis and guess what Margaret popped out. Still got Malosi as well.

I need Tarlak, and Margie just loves my a.s.s.

Returning HOTM should be avalaible in Valhalla instead of Atlantis… I mean from Atlantis I just get dupes since I already have all 4* and most of 5*. For Old players there is no reason to pull in Atlantis just to get dupes.

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Close to 2yrs of play, Atlantis is yet my favorite! Possibly after getting Kage, Mits and a bunch of past HotM I missed out on, then…although I’m loving the masquerade and Valhalla already.

I kinda like HoTM are not in Valhalla. The reason I have 0 S2 heroes is I pulled old HoTM instead (which is not bad, but I would like, from Atlantis portal, you know, actual Atlantis heroes). HoTM should be in HA insted (hopefully coming anytime soon-ish). Also one reason why I don’t pull this time is one specific old HoTM.

One specific old HotM…hmmm easy to guess …from my Alt account, one pull from coins brought that HotM along with the current HotM Malosi.( 2 very fast).
We cannot tell, that old HotM may receive some revamping, hopefully one day…

This fell on deaf ears I see lol

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Congarts :muscle: :sparkles:

There is Summon thread already mentioned by @Guvnor :
:trident: [Apr 2020] Atlantis Summon Results


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