Next Atlantis Rises: November 5: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

Great info as well, but IMO… I think for next month, it is better to create on every month Atlantis 1x Thread for all those heroes (can be link to old thread per heroes), plus summon result and feedback in one thread,… so that this thread is not filledup by summon result, I know there are no current Atlantis Summon thread right now, thats why… I’m not complaining or not agree with this setup, any better way is welcome.

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Atlantis popped, I threw my Atlantis Coins into the Coinstar machine. Out came… Gill-Ra. That’s some mighty expensive fish food for Sartana (not particularly good, I might add. But considering how much effort and time goes into hoarding 100 Atlantis Coins… Uh yeah). Since I barely cleared the threshold for the 100 coins, and I doubt I can farm enough sea dragons in 3 days, this might be it for my Atlantis this month. Still have to bear the “I did it easily with Proteus” strategy some more. Also looking for Triton and Tony Danza too on the other 4*.

Really glad to hear you pulling Wilbur though. I got him out of coins when Atlantis was still being released, and he had helped tremendously to everything from harder Atlantis levels down the road, Titans, Trials (those that takes Monk), quests, etc. Before pulling Wilbur, I’ve never placed much thought on Spirit Link, but Wilbur had changed my mind.

I usually don’t like to give suggestions because everyone’s playstyle is different. But I would suggest prioritize Wilbur over Elena because to me the impact of Wilbur on one’s game overall is higher than Elena. In fact, Elena was one of the last Red S1 5* I am working on (along with Khagan) because I am also starting to run out of Red Heroes to work on after finishing Lancelot.

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I have Elena and khagan waiting for marjana and Wilbur. I’d maybe push her to 3.70 since you started already 5hen go Wilbur then marjana. Rings for her first. Then Elena if you don’t have anything else red.
Wilbur should get the emblems from bane imo . And I have grimm and gormek as well with Grimm having the first set he’s at +20 and I’m giving new to gormek who is at 8 I think but even all atk he’s still weak. But that def down is great so he’s useful with others just for that but Grimm is better though he’s a glass cannon. He hits very hard w emblems too. I have dupes and he’s one of the few I might level 2x instead of a new blue since though having all 3 ram puls helps too. Use gormek to lower def then tibs and Grimm this way they hit on lower def instead of full def. Gormek gets crazy go though with emblems so he does stay alive which helps.

Kaahrek is far better than gobbler. Though I got him late in game and don’t need him I remember fighting him on way up and hated him more than any 4 classic I think .

Vela w emblems is nice too with atk def path so that’s good. I used on melendor who is great at +20 with 5* stats and dispel all without taking damage like Sonya/caedmon . Plus his atk stat is very high and w a l11 troop he goes to 9 tiles down from 10. He hits over 900 with emblems and l12 troop. Vela is great too for farming Auto and with other finishers she can setup them for ending
Sumitomo is one of 3 4s I don’t have from s2. I am also missing agwe and Wilbur. I want Wilbur bad. Sumitomo is awful imo like agwe.
He’s like Obakan at 4*. His attack is weak and counter is cleansed easily and only him. I have seen him on defenses but he’s bad. If you really have to I guess you could max him as he’s not a 5 so the mats aren’t insanely hard but still I’d save them for Wilbur or any other 4 red like Scarlett or kelile even colen would work.

Sounds like you’re doing ok. Just remember to focus on 4s first until you have a nice squad. Then max 5s as most 4s are better at max than a 3.70 5*. 5s are great but take long to max so often early players get stuck focusing on them as tge shiny new heroes instead of using the 3,4s that work and can be leveled. As much as I wanted tons of 5s I didn’t get one until 8 months in. It was Joon from a summons in Atlantis. Only other is Mitsuko again in a single pull. Oh and Grimble from coin pull w pixie and only hotm in almost 2 years.
It’s good though since I built solid 4s and saved mats so when I got them I could use then.

You seem ok based on the info so good luck.

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Bummer. Well, if misery loves company, we’ve still got each other, then. Haha!

Yeah, I was hoping to have popped Triton or Gad, as well. Wish I could send you a Danza. I have three.

No joke, I was still running Gunnar on paladin class trials until this last cycle because of spirit link. One of those, of course, is paladins and monks, so Wilbur can take that role now.

Thinking pretty hard about doing just that. I like to finish what I start, but there’s still a lot of XP to go between 3^36 and 3^70, and Elena won’t really help me there either. I’m set on fighter class heroes and red is my deepest color, by far. On the other hand, I’m hurting for monks (only Leo, Li Xiu, and Bane), and as you said, Wilbur comes into play a lot of places.

Thanks for the advice. Hang in there, my F2P brother. Season 3 is coming soon, with more game-changing heroes we can complain about not getting! :smile:

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There could definitely also be a thread for Summons results, and it could link to the Hero information threads for people who want to read about them or discuss them.

There don’t seem to be a ton of people posting Summons results in either this thread or those ones so far, though.

Let’s see if people end up posting them much, to figure out if it makes sense to have a thread for them. I can always move the posts from here if that seems like it makes sense.

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The last summon thread is 2019 december, and counting, with about 900 posts, here…
Atlantis Summons – Results & Discussion [November 2018 through December 2019, and continuing]
No new post for this year to that thread, and I think it will be better to create a new one, or just let it continue to that thread, what is the best way?

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I’m liking Khagan in ranger trials, while I’m set already in rogues and fighters, but the slow mana is a drawback, as I’m seeing with Azlar. Still love Azlar because he’s lights out if he fires. Khagan - not so much - and Marjana is fast mana. By the time I finish Wilbur and get Marjana ready to ascend, I’ll probably have enough rings for two legendary reds. I think I’m at 9 rings now.

Gormek was the first red I ever maxed, and he was my tank for a while, which is why he’s at +20. You are right that he survives well but hits like a feather, even though defense down is great. I’m building up LJ with barbarian emblems now - since I lack a green legendary, I’m trying to compensate with depth - but with all the depth I have in red now, including Wilbur, I think moving Gormek from +20 to Grimm +20 is the right call. I shudder to think of the food/iron cost, though!

Definitely remember cursing the lizard on the way through gold and low platinum. Not sure he has a role for me now that I’m hanging out in low diamond and have plenty of wizards, but I’m also not sure Gobbler has a role either.

Indeed. I love my Mel +20, and I actually started embleming another one, but those will probably come off for Vela when the time comes.

I only have her at 2^50-something right now, but I’ve used her in two late war hits so far, and she’s been impressive. I could see eventually leveling my duplicate of her as well.

Like I said, I’ll level one of just about anybody, but Sumitomo is going to the back of the line. I already have all the classic four-star reds maxed, so maybe if I have blades and nothing to do with them one day. But like Gobbler and Kashrek, I don’t know what I’ll use him for.

I have all the classic four-stars maxed, and dupes of a few. Now, I’m leveling for variety.

Thanks for all the insights.

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That thread seems to have posts from last month, so I guess we can just keep using it. I’ll edit the title and pin it.

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I endorse this plan, fwiw. Came to discuss my summon results and wasn’t sure where to put them. Kinda felt out of place on this thread.


The summon result will likely end up here anyhow as people want info on who to use. I do like the new single hero threads but it seems like a lot of new people are posting (costume thread seems like hot spot ) so the single threads are great .

Maybe use that as a template for s3 as new heroes arrive so we can get familiar with them. I have all heroes skills memorized from cards but also seeing them daily helps. There’s lots of new heroes now and I would be almost overwhelmed as a new player if I just started . Imagine coming in with classics(tc20), s2(ATL ) , s3, hotm, event, seasonal, emblems , costumes plus all the features and learning mats and everything else like 3.70 or 4.80 or +20 . I know there’s a term wiki but still…yikes. Glad I got introduced as things came out. Lol

That sounds frustrating… I have been there…

But the opposite can happen. 10 less pulls than you (had been saving gems from offers for a while) gave me Kunchen (dupe for me), Poseidon, Tarlak, Misandra, Zeline and 2x Vela. Can’t complain even with many pulls!

Next time, it could be the opposite (me getting nothing and you getting pretty much everything).


One roll and BAM

This time RNG was with me.


I got him on two pulls the month he was released. Enjoy. He’s a beast.

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Before 2 days I have ascend Musashi and he will wait for 5 darts, but eya its better to wait the mats then dont have to hero .


Ouch! That’s a long wait, but you are right that it is better to have the hero and wait for the mats. My 11 tonics are just sitting around waiting for a green legendary to show up.

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I don’t have any 5* (Atlantis, Seasonal, Event, or Classic) from Summon portals. So RNGesus has not been with me at all throughout my 2 year+ tenure on this game, at least not on the summon portals. (I have 5s from TC20). These summon result threads (especially those that talks about 5 on single pulls with HoTM bonuses, I usually avoid, because it’s kind of depressing (for me at least as they are certainly not encouraging to me), I also avoid the summons are ridiculous / vent threads because those could be even more depressing and there is nothing we could do other than vent).

These monthly 3* foods can still take a toll on the minds though.

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I wish my luck went to pulls instead (I really want that zeline!), but I got THREE seadragons in one stage, with 2 sea dragons in a single wave.

After skipping Atlantis last month, I went with 2x30s this month, hoping for Kunchen.
Results: Misandra, Tarlak, Vela (4th) and from an extra 100 coin pull: Zeline.

Still no Kunchen…

Pretty pleased though, my results from pulls this month are pretty great:
42 @ Christmas (incl 22 EHT and 2x10s): Santa, Elena (3rd) and 2xVela.
~20 @ Guardians (2x10s): Azlar and Vela
~63 here: 4 5* from above.

I definitely broke the budget this month! :man_facepalming: Pretty sure I’m getting hosed at Avalon next month, oh well.

Pretty pleased with Atlantis Summons this month. I’d been hoarding Atlantis Coins (had 1300 and based on the assumed schedule I figured I wouldn’t get a better month then this to spend them on for a while. Got some season 1 4* I didn’t have yet, Gobbler (who ain’t great but I can see being useful anti-minion meta), Vela (which I’d be more excited about if I didn’t get her at the beginning of the month using EHT to hunt for MN) and then on my last coin pull out popped Zeline.

So yeah, Happy overall. Now to farm like mad.

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41 pulls, 11 from coins, 30 from gems. Got Mitsuko, Kunchen and Poseidon, all very welcome additions to the team.
Also got my 6th and 7th Vela, happy to trade them :slight_smile:


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