Next Atlantis Rises: November 5: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

Even AR is getting a tad too grindy, hopefully it’s just a glitch

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If you follow the above link it says a known glitch and they are trying to fix it.

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It’s very frustrating, I used 5 energy flasks and 500 gems for energy refills, with no money to buy more gems so I have gotten less of everything. Would be nice if they gave a free WE as a sorry

So they say, let’s see. Reminds me of raid tourney loot nerf

Same here. About 4 flasks of getting less of everything.

  • from 8 summons - only 3* heroes :slight_smile:
    a 10-pull(my wife’s) - only one 4* hero and 9 3*-s :slight_smile:
    so, a fun Atlantis this month :slight_smile:

Summon result go to here please:
Atlantis Summons – Results & Discussion [November 2018 through March 2019, and continuing]

This thread is only for guessing who next featured and the dates next AR info etc.

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Do seadragons (and therefore extra atlantis coins) show up when using loot tickets?


Although I have the feeling that they appear more if I play the level on my own. But that’s just a feeling…:sweat_smile:

great thanks :slight_smile:

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Re the loot nerfing, it was flagged as a bug and SG have fixed it.

Thread here:

@Coloredkitten, @kilrathi, @hobgunnerz, @Mr.Spock, @FrenziedEye, @notyou87, @Vasil4ak


Too bad I used all of my loot tickets already :wink: but I am glad the loot is still good


Is this AR even shorter than the last one? I feel like we’re missing out on 12 hours?? Or is my memory just garbage? (probably my memory, but thought i’d make sure). I was just surprised to wake up and see 2 days 6 hrs. It seemed like last time it wasn’t so short?

Love your work @zephyr1, you always do great common sense things like this that I keep an eye out for.


I feel the number of backpacks is still much less compared to prev AR.

Does anyone else feel this way?

It’s been almost exactly the same as previous AR for me

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I feel the same. I’m 480ish WE into farming and I’m averaging like 0.8 packs per WE. Plus I’ve not seen a single run get over 5 packs but last month I got 7 many times. I’ve also got 0 packs a number of times which has never happened in the past, to my knowledge.

I was farming 1-9 and 1-2 for backpacks. Roughly 31-35 for 36 WE. But I got 5 max…while previously I was able to get 7 from 1 run :frowning:
But I get more than 200 recruits from 15-8 hard (average on 4 runs)

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That looks extraordinarily like my extract pulls minus another Proteus @Aunty_Krauser!!
I did however restock my backpacks and have 12 days going now. I also have 20+ in my TC20 although. I really don’t need anymore 5 I have several projects that have been sitting.
The only reason I do single pulls is so I can stop if I get what I’m after, and I’m ALWAYS after a specific hero.
I think I’m done with the summons until Christmas, don’t have MN, Buddy (my main 2 wants) or Santa, Rudolf (I won’t complain)

P.S Didn’t I tell you I could feel Proteus coming? He always shows up late…he needs to wax his gills before going out. Guys is a little strange

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Hi all. Sorry if it was already discussed and I missed it, what heroes are the estimated guesses for the next december Atlantis portal?

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Natalya - Onatel - Kageburado - Atomos


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