Next Atlantis Rises: March 6: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM [Currently discussing March 6 Cycle]

And no that’s not my solution, that’s apparently your idea of what you think my solution is as you literally wrote it that way.
As I said I am not going to hijack the thread.

On a brighter side…

I completed Atlantis on easy, and have done the first 7 or 8 provinces on Hard. I am sitting on 550 coins ready for AR. Can’t wait to get my Carvers, Nashgars and Gunnars (those 3 are my most common)


This question wouldn’t even need an answer as I didn’t wrote that they should be clones, so you question would be as fitting as answering I’m fine thanks to a what time is it question.

However SGG can sell pretty much every thing they want without breaking the balance if they just wanted to do so. For example they could sell the loot tickets & world energy pack more often or had added skins (just the cosmetic skins) without a RNG factor to get them.

These two are the simplest way they could sell the same thing over and over, except that players would run out of flasks and that they could be able to add more (and cooler) skins to buy.

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Well it’s a buisness so why would they do that? People can still compete it’s just harder if you don’t want to up grade your heroes. Nothing’s for free in life and this is no different and the fact is if that was your company you would do the same. And again if you make every single hero the same power level ( but slightly changed to be different like you said) where would be the incentive to get heroes? You’d just need 5 of each color and your good for life. Nobody can help the people with their hands out … maybe Tetris can so if that’s your choice have fun and we will see you again real soon I bet


About the upgrade: it’s not like we have the choice to upgrade them or not, it’s up to RNG if you get them :man_shrugging:

About the business model: I don’t think so.

Because they would actually be useful for different perks? Just think about Sabina and Rigard.

About the “we will see you soon”: I don’t think so.
I played WoW for 5 years, once I quitted I never played it again.

The same for GW2, played for 2 years and never logged back.

If I were to uninstall I doubt I’ll ever again play E&P.

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This sounds more like a political response than a game solution.

“Nothing is for free” , great! Some of us paid a lot of money to get 5* heroes from season one, and spent money and endless hours and resources leveling them up.

Also, Just because I spent a lot of money doesn’t mean I get to pick and choose the heroes I got. That was guided by chance. The choice to “upgrade” isn’t mine, it’s SG’s. If it were mine I would insist that the duplicate Leonidas, Sartana, and Lianna I pulled be immediately replaced with Ursena, Poseidon, and Ariel…because those are the heroes I really wanted.


I am gonna be doing a x10 pull on Atlantis across all 3 of my profiles. I am not expecting a slew of 4 or 5s but I mainly want the threes on my other two to beef up the roster. If I do get another Proteus on my main, I will count that as a win because he is the closet water god (:wink:).

To make it readable friendly, here is future Past HOTM and Featured Atlantis heroes, based on patern.


Also, table version:

Date Past HOTM Past HOTM Featured S2 Featured S2 Current HOTM
2019-11 Perseus Evelyn Tarlak Mitsuko Neith
2019-12 Natalya Onatel Kageburado Atomos Grimble
2020-01 Zeline Kunchen Misandra Poseidon Vela
2020-02 Delilah Frida Mok-Arr Ariel Jean-François
2020-03 Aeron Anzogh Inari Ursena Telluria
2020-04 Alasie Margaret Tarlak Mitsuko -
2020-05 Gravemaker Ranvir Kageburado Atomos -
2020-06 Gregorion Seshat Misandra Poseidon -
2020-07 Drake Fong Miki Mok-Arr Ariel -
2020-08 Khiona Grazul Inari Ursena -
2020-09 Aegir Kingston Tarlak Mitsuko -
2020-10 Zimkitha Neith Kageburado Atomos -
2020-11 Evelyn Grimble Misandra Poseidon -
2020-12 Onatel Vela Mok-Arr Ariel -

And what does this mean exactly.
For example only in January you can pull zeline or lunchen. Or just more chance?
Also for Poseidon. I thought you could pull him every atlantis but maybe in January with more chance?

Well HotM are exclusive to when they are featured…so yeah Zeline and Kunchen will only be available during January Atlantis Rises event until they are featured again.

The Atlantis heroes who are featured have a greater (still incredibly small) chance of being summoned but are still available every Atlantis Rises (with like 0.3% chance if they are not featured).

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Ok thanks then i’l save for december and January Pulls for onatel/lunchen hopefully.

“Lunchen” :joy:. I want.


Was thinking the same. YUM!

Oh Margaret will be back in April :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

When do y’all think Kunchen might come back again? I really need that guy.

If they continue the same pattern as the last several months, then Kunchen would be back in January.

But we don’t know if they might change the pattern.


It is kind of weird after they said in that annual talk thing they chose them … when there has been a pattern of predictably the last while

The pattern started after Atlantis ended. Before that there was no discernible pattern — which is when they said they were selecting them.


Now i am over 700 coins, can’t wait for some Ganju, Carver and Hawkmoon… oh and Valen lately too
Been doing Hard Mode, done the first 10 Provinces. So much easier now I can pick and change heroes (before i was using blue/purple mix even against purple/green monsters)… Now I have 2 maxed reds… 2 maxed green… and it makes things easier – for now lol


Is Alby never going to be reintroduced into the pattern?

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