Next Atlantis Rises: June 5: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

Can’t make that assumption as when Season 3 comes out there will be another “Atlantis Summons” equivalent where older HotM may be recycled. All conjecture so please don’t go quoting my post as absolutes or truths.


Kunchen is my dream hero, next to sexy Zeline. Bad thing is that odds are cruel :frowning:


There was also that offhand comment that Hero Academy may give you a chance at the the first years HoTM. I’m not holding my breath, though.

there MAY also be a CHANCE that with season 3, gen 1 HotM MAY get added to the TC20 & regular summons portal.

Again, pure speculation :stuck_out_tongue:

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Which HoTMs are “gen 1”? Thanks

Hel, Athena, Ares, Alberich, Musashi, Thoth-Amun, Perseus, Natalya, Zeline and Delilah


Yup those :stuck_out_tongue:

Gen 1 = those without an elemental link
Gen 2 = those with an elemental link but no innate resistance
Gen 3 = those with an elemental link AND an innate resistance

You can see more of it here:


Almost related…


I didn’t quote you or even replied to you. But I edited my original post to a more speculative one, if that pleases you :slight_smile:

Sorry that line was not directed at your comment.

I just put a general disclaimer on all these next Atlantis summons posts so no one comes back and tries to use something I say as fact when most of us are only working off an educated guess based on a pretty consistent pattern.

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It would be nice if season 3 portal should feature Gen 2&3 as returning HotM, in a way almost similar to Atlantis.

This will be my last summoning on my main for a while because I have such a BIG backlog of heroes to level up. I want to get them done before getting anymore. Especially since i scored a triple jackal, panther, Gormek, and Leonidas this past Teltoc. It will be an even bigger backlog if I get more five stars (especially if the Kunchen prediction turns out to be right and I get him).

I have 800 from finishing. WIll be nice to just get one good hero (already have wilbur and proteus). Kunchen would be very nice to have on my roster.

Geez when you start using the term Gen I immediately think of Pokemon or gaming consoles

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Just be prepared for disappointment.

The odds for a HotM returning are very low… to pick up kunchen the odds are just 0.325%

So this means that in 8 spins you have just a 2.57% chance of picking him up…

Other odds:
If you did 100 spins its 27.78% chance -> costs 19,000 gems -> $199.98 USD
If you did 200 spins its 47.85% chance -> costs 38,000 gems -> $399.96 USD
If you did 500 spins its 80.36% chance -> costs 95,000 gems -> $949.91 USD


… I just decided, I am starting a GoFund me for you guys all to chip in towards the $949.91 for me haha


It is not about the odds, how is about luck. There are thousands of players receiving the featured old hotm with a single pull. I already said in the past I am one of them. I got GM and Ares last year when they were featured, with 100 coins each.

And there are players who did hundreds pulls for GM and didn’t get him. ■■■■ the numbers. It is about luck.


Luck is by definition defying the odds…

So… Yeah… It’s about the odds.

Doesn’t matter if you or a thousand people got “lucky” off a single pull… There are hundreds of thousands who got nothing… Hence the odds…


And this is why the loot crate model is so successful. People believe this time they may be one of the lucky ones, despite the overwhelming odds to the contrary.


you can bookmark the post by clicking on the “…” beside the reply button.

But there’s something similar like every single new hero thread (probably event thread too) in the first post by @zephyr1

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