Next Atlantis Rises: February 4: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

What you mean EHT :eyes: :joy:

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Evelyn, Grimble, Misandra, Poseidon. That’s what the chart says…it could have changed by now though. :wink:

Has there been any word on the loot tickets versus the O. Dragons? I haven’t seen an update since last month.

I would be nice to have it resolved by Wednesday :smile:

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All the missed “rewards” were distributed within a week of the last AR.

If you didn’t get extra coins and thought you deserved them, you should contact Support (although it may be too late now).

I got something like 37 coins after burning through 100 loot tickets, so if you’re hoping for a big payoff, prepare for disappointment.

Yeah, I got them afterwards but it would be nice to actually use any new coins this month. Also they had said something about it being fixed by the next Atlantis Rising (January). Maybe because of the holidays the patch didn’t get done?

Why do you think it hasn’t been patched? We haven’t had another AR since the glitch last month.

Next AR starts this Thursday.

There hasn’t been any updates (that I know about), and the version 34 notes don’t mention anything about it.

It could be something simple that doesn’t need an update for, but I think if that was the case they would have fixed it instead of turning off the rewards last month.

I think the actual glitch was due more too loot tickets. AR sea dragons there prob a on and off switch for them, as looot was still the same after they was disabled.
But would be nice if sgg can say everything is gonna be cool for next AR I’m guessing they may put something out before AR starts.

The fix was on the server side. No app update needed.

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It wasn’t so simple that they could do that in a matter of minutes, or even hours. So it was better to disable and figure it out from there.

They completely screwed a bunch of code that hadn’t been touched in a couple years, and it’s still not clear why get did that.

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Man, this AR can’t come quickly enough. I’m running out of EVERYTHING.

I wish they’d restore the original length, though. 2-1/2 days really isn’t a lot, and it’s not like it conflicts with other calendar events.


Any guesses on featured heroes and returning HOTMs?

It’s in OP.

20 original posts.


I just had craziest RNG from silver tokens… 2 x 3* troops and 2x 3* heroes then 2x 2* troop.

If there was time to pull something it was NOW, but there is no portal currently other than vanilla :slight_smile:

I received 2 Mother North, this Christmas, but she’s the first 5* hero’s I’ve seen in the past 4 years of playing

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Congratz @Denstar! 2 Mother Norths!!!

Sorry you haven’t pulled any other 5☆s in 4 years, but MN is a godsend–especially 2 of them! :joy:

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