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One roll and BAM

This time RNG was with me.


I got him on two pulls the month he was released. Enjoy. He’s a beast.

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Before 2 days I have ascend Musashi and he will wait for 5 darts, but eya its better to wait the mats then dont have to hero .


Ouch! That’s a long wait, but you are right that it is better to have the hero and wait for the mats. My 11 tonics are just sitting around waiting for a green legendary to show up.

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I don’t have any 5* (Atlantis, Seasonal, Event, or Classic) from Summon portals. So RNGesus has not been with me at all throughout my 2 year+ tenure on this game, at least not on the summon portals. (I have 5s from TC20). These summon result threads (especially those that talks about 5 on single pulls with HoTM bonuses, I usually avoid, because it’s kind of depressing (for me at least as they are certainly not encouraging to me), I also avoid the summons are ridiculous / vent threads because those could be even more depressing and there is nothing we could do other than vent).

These monthly 3* foods can still take a toll on the minds though.

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I wish my luck went to pulls instead (I really want that zeline!), but I got THREE seadragons in one stage, with 2 sea dragons in a single wave.

After skipping Atlantis last month, I went with 2x30s this month, hoping for Kunchen.
Results: Misandra, Tarlak, Vela (4th) and from an extra 100 coin pull: Zeline.

Still no Kunchen…

Pretty pleased though, my results from pulls this month are pretty great:
42 @ Christmas (incl 22 EHT and 2x10s): Santa, Elena (3rd) and 2xVela.
~20 @ Guardians (2x10s): Azlar and Vela
~63 here: 4 5* from above.

I definitely broke the budget this month! :man_facepalming: Pretty sure I’m getting hosed at Avalon next month, oh well.

Pretty pleased with Atlantis Summons this month. I’d been hoarding Atlantis Coins (had 1300 and based on the assumed schedule I figured I wouldn’t get a better month then this to spend them on for a while. Got some season 1 4* I didn’t have yet, Gobbler (who ain’t great but I can see being useful anti-minion meta), Vela (which I’d be more excited about if I didn’t get her at the beginning of the month using EHT to hunt for MN) and then on my last coin pull out popped Zeline.

So yeah, Happy overall. Now to farm like mad.

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41 pulls, 11 from coins, 30 from gems. Got Mitsuko, Kunchen and Poseidon, all very welcome additions to the team.
Also got my 6th and 7th Vela, happy to trade them :slight_smile:


I’ve got 2 Misandras so I was actually really hoping NOT to get her, so I’m glad you got her for me instead lol

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I got second Poseidon, who will be next maxed, Inary, Vivica costumed or Poseidon? I have already Poseidon +7 and Jackal +14. Thx

All good choices, Vivica costume unless you are spoilt for healers.

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I was thinking it’d be nice idea to have monthly atl quest to give enough coins for a free pull or two. Once you finish its tough to get enough for a pull without VIP loot tickets to help plus flasks. Just a simple thing no huge story or whatever but they could rotate bosses maybe. And make it like costume where you get one pull doing the low levels but more coins for harder ones up to 200.
Just a thought.


So I bought the first offers on Day 1, all 4 of them.
I can remember they usually offer a loot ticket + flask offer (for approximately £9.99) as well after a day or 2. I can’t remember when it usually is, or when do you guys suspect it will be? I am all out of gems, all out of flasks.

Usually appears on the last day of the Atlantis Rises (Aussie Time)… So within 24 hours it should appear.

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Just one pull!




Soo out of shields though got like 3 :disappointed:


So I finally grinded out Atlantis easy mode to get the coins.

Melia x 2. (dupes) Mnessus x2 (dupes) Agwe (new to me) and…

Triton, which is nice as I hadn’t got him.

The big bonus for me was the orb of magic upon finishing. i needed 1 more to take Gazelle to the final ascension


I got a Muggy… is there any point in keeping him? And dupe agwe and gadeirus?

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