Next Atlantis Rises: February 4: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

lets go full freak mode :

Ariel , Poseidon , Gravemaker , Hel .

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@Karridoc , Im listening to Your “predictions” ( :wink: ) for a long time already I have to admit they are super accurate


Checking under the couch cushions for spare gems right now…

Some more detailed data for the predictors:

  • The newest HOTM to make an appearance in Atlantis was 8 months old
  • The mean and median age of HOTM making a first appearance in Atlantis are both 12 months old
  • The two past HOTM making a second appearance in Atlantis were 15 and 17 months old when they appeared a second time
  • No past HOTM has appeared 2 months in a row
  • Only 2 of the 6 Atlantis gates have had a HOTM making a second appearance
  • 2 of the past Atlantis gates have had 1 color in common between past HOTM and Atlantis featured heroes
  • 1 of the past Atlantis gates has had 2 colors in common between past HOTM and Atlantis features heroes

Heroes too new to make the 8 month old cutoff:

  • Gregorian
  • Drake Fong
  • Khiona
  • Aegir
  • Zimkitha
  • Evelyn
  • Onatel

Putting this all together:

  • GM is a credible hero for Atlantis at 8 months old
  • Aeron is the oldest HOTM not to have featured yet in Atlantis
  • Alberich, Musashi and Toth-Amun are in prime “second appearance” position right now, but Toth-Amun appeared last month

Ariel and Poseidon seem pretty solid as the Atlantis heroes this month.

I see three real alternative HOTM strategies for SG here:

  1. Go for broke: GM and Hel

These are among the most desirable heroes in the HOTM pantheon. People who land one of Ariel/Poseidon/GM/Hel are likely to want to stick around and level their prize. It’s going to be hard to finally land GM or Hel and then call it quits on the game.

This would be a “player retention+cash infusion” play.

  1. Go out on top: Hel and Alasie

Hel and Alasie’s stocks are getting weaker with classes, and Poseidon, and QoH, and the April HOTM, since there are increasingly many ways to counter splash mana effects. Moving them now, at peak deaireablility, would be smart business.

  1. Save your silver bullets: Aeron and Musashi

These two check all the boxes. They’re decent, but not earth-shattering. Aeron is the oldest non-duplicate hero. Musashi is in prime second-appearance position. And they share one color in common with Atlantis.

This would save the big guns of GM and Hel for next month, when Springvale is likely not to be a big cash draw (and when the two Grimforest 5* aren’t that popular either).


I would add that only the first two sets of rainbow HOTM have made an appearance. My big assumption is that we will cycle through those until all 10 of them have made two appearances.

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I would ialso assume that eventually all of the first 12 HOTM will make two appearances.

Are you saying you think they won’t start on the third rainbow until all in the first two have been double-offered?

I would be a very happy camper if either Hel or Aeron were up this month, as I expect to be doing a number of pulls for Kunchen, Ariel and (hopefully) Poseidon, and I’m missing these two.

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It’s just a guess, but that seems like a reasonable way to space out their release from the their debut in Atlantis.

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Best guess from me … Ariel, Poseidon, Alby, Natalya. I don’t believe we’ll see 3rd gen HOTMS for a bit yet, but… could be wrong. (Really hoping for Hel instead of Nat, cause then I could pull with no fear of a duplicate)

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It will be interesting to see. My guess is they will start on the third rainbow before completing the first two.

The longer they wait to re-release heroes for a second time, the more senior players there are who don’t have those heroes but who could really use them. So there’s a benefit in holding off as long as possibe.


Based on absolutely no data whatsoever :wink: my prediction is Atomos and Poseidon accompanying Musashi and Hel. I’m throwing Hel in there basically because I desire her. And if not, POUTRAGE!

Sadly, I only have enough gems for 1x 10 pull this go round (self imposed budget), so I might sob softly in a corner if I’m a victim of RNG.


The only person that (I can tell) called it last time.

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Aside from who the Atlantis heroes may or may not be, do you’s recommend pulling in Atlantis immediately in the hopes of a Kunchen bonus draw? Or wait until March for a bonus draw on another HoTM? As I believe this summon will cross both months, unless I’m a chump.

That question probably needs an answer that looks at your roster. I’d recommend posting a specific question in #gameplay-help-tactics, since this thread is really focused on calendar and predictions.

In the absence of any other data about your situation, I would probably prefer Frida to Kunchen.


march’s hotm is similar to pather and evelyn with higher damage but average speed. it decreases blue defense like Kkng Arthur and has elemental link that protects ice allies from nature


No that answers everything, thanks guys! Had a big ? On who march’s HoTM was going to be

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Smart to do that this month when everyone is getting their tax returns

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Where can i find info on when the next summons is ?

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On the world map, when next stage saison 2 opens, in 6 days!


Hope some Atlantis family 5stars are up, have the whole family so far and like them a lot🙂

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You can only see it when you completed all provinces if they didn‘t change it yet :-/ hope they will make the timer permanent


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