Next Atlantis Rises: February 4: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

Would very much like this month 's Atlantis to open May 30 through to June 2. That would provide chance of pulling for both May/June HotM within Atlantis.

They only did that in february for the short month. It should be the 23rd i believe

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Atlantis opens every 4th thursday - 23.-26…


If it’s 23-26 and SG features GM then I’ll have to pull and will have chances of getting multiple Margarets (I already have one)…


Just kidding. I don’t mind and will keep more than 1 Margaret.

Is it going to be Perseus and GM? I guess will find out in a couple of weeks.


GM and Perseus is the odds on favourite for those that have predicted well in the past.


I do my pulls only on Atlantis, I always get at least one 5* hero (I play since end of January). On the last one, I’ve got Lianna, 2x Alasie, Poseidon and Justice on 30x pull.


With the proviso that they seem to be shaking stuff up with Atlantis Rises. The gate style that they previewed in Beta suggested it might not even be Tarlak and Misandra this month, so I’m very uncertain on how to predict this one.

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Gate style?

I understand they shuffled up the possible returning featured atlantis, is that what you mean?

Or were there other changes?

There were other changes. But they actually showed multiple versions of the Atlantis gate over the course of the last Beta. The draw probabilities changed a couple of times, they did away with draw categories and then brought them back. They featured sets of heroes with more than 2 old HOTM.

And it’s entirely possible that all of that was just them doing stuff for Beta rather than trialing what they will do live. So… it’s hard to know how to interpret any of it.

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GM getting close to returning. Get your checkbooks ready.

And buy some Zynga stock while you’re at it.


Hel - Check
Alby - Check
Guin - Check
Gravemaker - Next Atlantis?
Kage - Next Atlantis?

GM – more likely than not
Kage – almost surely not. The best guess is that the Season 2 heroes are going to reappear starting this month in the order in which they were originally released, which would mean:

  • May: Misandra, Tarlak
  • June: Tarlak, Mok-Arr
  • July: Mok-Arr, Misandra
  • August: Inari, Mitsuko
  • September: Mitsuko, Kageburado
  • October: Kageburado, Inari
  • November: Ariel, Atomos
  • December: Atomos, Poseidon
  • January 2020: Poseidon, Ariel

Ursena has to fit in there somewhere. Are you thinking she replaces a past HOTM?


They could feature five heroes, increasing from 1.3 to 1.5% - but that’s wishful thinking, I know.

Yes, I’m guessing she is introduced this month, given that timing of her introduction into beta, in lieu of a second HotM. She’ll be the exciting new hero added for the first month of reruns to get people like me to spend. If they offer Tarlak, Misandra, Gravemaker and Ursena, I’m sure the SGG CFO will be very happy.


My 2,000 Atlantis coins will be happy with that - until I get Muggy, seven Namahages and five Chochins.


That seems unlikely,but not completely impossible.

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I was just waiting the right amount to be revealed.

Show off!

For what date will the portal ataltis be opened?. I ran to finish everything and spend all the coins last month and it was only 3 *, I feel unmotivated :sleepy:

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