Next Atlantis Rises: February 4: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

Looks like it will be ursena so chances for tarlak are low I guess … :///

When does the portal reopen? I’m used to seeing the timer (countdown) each past month. Anyone know when we’ll be able to make pulls on Atlantis again?

@SG13 I think it’s typically been the 4th Thursday of the month, which would be May 23 this month — though it could turn out to be something different, particular with the introduction of Atlantis Rises.


@zephyr1 Anything known about which new heroes should come and what they do? Good 4 stars for example?
Last hero Atomas was underwhelming. as 5 star and i haven’t seen new 4 stars since beginning of Atlantis.

I thought it was the last full weekend of the month

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That’s a common theory, and often the 4th Thursday is the last full weekend of the month.

A good example where that didn’t hold up was February, when Atlantis returned on the 28th — the 4th Thursday of the month and NOT the last full weekend of the month, as it was in fact the very last day of the month, and the previous weekend was the last full weekend.

I think people have gotten the “last weekend of the month” thing from the wiki, which has been discussed before as likely being wrong.

For reference:

…and also discussed before that it’s been discussed before (linking to connect the posts):

tl;dr I don’t know where the “last full weekend of the month” thing started, but I don’t think it’s correct based on past occurrences of Atlantis.


wasnt hell in there 2 months or so ago?!?

Its a video from the most recent beta, so not fake but absolutely no guarantee that it will match this months Atlantis gate. This most recent beta build had several different combinations in the gate while it was open and anyone or none of them could be right for May


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It was just me. When I started the Fandom wiki it… well… didn’t have any pages beyond hero cards, so I did the best I could to get the information I was learning out there (I was pretty green at the time). That statement (“last full weekend”) was true for the two or three Atlantis I had experienced at the time. You’re right, though, it’s not wholly accurate, it seems. I’ve already updated that statement to “the fourth Thursday” to avoid future confusion. :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

…on that note… would love for others to get involved! Y’all know the game better than you think (or aspects of it, at any rate) and your expertise would be a boon to the community should you be willing to step up and share! Always glad to have new contributors to correct issues such as these!


We really appreciate the work you’ve done so far! I regularly direct people to the Wiki from Line groups. I hope some of them stick around and provide some updates too :slightly_smiling_face:


After a crappy month, regulars summon, Guardian of Teltoc when i made 40 summons and Atlantis 50 summons, no single hero from this event, no 5 star atlantis and no hero of the month at least Anzogh, this event knight i already made 20 summons and no single knight of a avalon. I know that is a randon system but is unfair to the people that invest money and full the pocket of SG.
I keep looking at the guys that share their summons one or two Free epic Hero and have the luck to pull 5 stars Hero or events Hero even 2 x HOTM at time and this hurts taking în consideration the money spent.

Soon i will lose confidence in this game…

So based on your ill-luck, which Atlantis heroes do you believe will NOT join your team next cycle?


Life is not fair dude , get used to it

i was able to pull Ariel in 10x pull at first she pop-up in atlantis , but next Atlantis i got nothing in 90x pull in Atlantis for Alasie

just spend what you afford to lose , if not then better not spend , Freebie or leave the game

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Ok thanks zepher…

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I agree to a point. The problem is that the rates are universal. The 5* drop chance is so increasingly small, for all the people that draw on the first go or people that can get one in 10 or 20 there are people that can spend 200 draws and get nothing. I have spent almost 200 draws in the last year and have pull only Tarlak from all events and Atlantis. The drop rate doesnt need to skyrocket, but a very minor boost from 1% to 1.5 or 2% is not unreasonable. The rates are just a bit too rare.

There are players who pull until they get, may be that is why the drop rate won’t be changed.

A small boost like that in the core drop rate wouldn’t fix the tail probabilities problem. Fewer people will end up having awful draw sequences but it’ll still be bad. They need something like a pity timer or shards.


Heck yeah @Jerme82 - anyone would be very happy with that result! Congrats now LEVEL UP! RaZ

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So do we know what or when the next event is?

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