Next Atlantis Rises: February 4: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

Since I started playing last June I’ve been really lucky on my pulls. But I’ve had a run of bad luck too. I’ve also started pulling as soon as it appears and have seen a difference

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Dont like you at all. :rofl:

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Trying really hard to be happy for you but I’m oh so jelly :confounded:

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Didn’t really want any of the featured this time, So saving for Avalon

Did a single summon -

Pulled Kageburado #2

Both came from a pulls when they weren’t featured… so got pretty lucky

Are they complimentary? (Never really used duplicates before)

You’re putting a lot of eggs in the early damage basket, because of his falloff below 50% health. But they should work OK together.

2x pulls from extra gems.


I guess Lepus will be pushed down the ladder. :rofl:

Ariel never came to me. Sad in a way.


Alasie? Pfff

I pulled Gill-ra :sunglasses:


Took advantage of the spring deals, so that along with my saved gems allowed me to do a thirty pull which unfortunately did not yield me a five star (still Poseidon eludes me) but did allow me to score a Boldtusk, Proteus, Gaderius, Li Xiu (my first four star holy hero), Ameonna, Agwe and Little John. I also got a bunch of duplicates including two more Gormeks and a third Rigard. Lastly my TH13 netted me my first birthed four star (Sonya) which I’m thrilled about since I needed a blue sniper. All in all I’m rather pleased and have enough leveling to do to keep me busy until the next Atlantis summons.


Since I am always unlucky on the Atlantis, I decided to do 10 pulls instead of 30 as planned.
True enough, dupes and craps pops up one after one…sigh!
On a brighter note, I’ll have plenty of gems to spend for the Avalon.

@Kerridoc wow - you are awesome!

I’m happy for you. B-D

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Super pumped about this 30x Atlantis pull
Check it out!


152 and finally had Poseidon join, Misandra thought the party looked fun and joined too.

Still no Anzogh, guess I should have said I hated him and he would have joined or maybe he thinks my parties are no good…(13.7% chance of not getting him so still not outlandishly unusual)

I think I need to stop pulling until Sand Empire and then just tokens. Don’t have enough feeders.

Gratz @Jerme82 first poseiden and Ariel or dupes?

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@Sternman idk if I’d pull chasing him. Got 4 anzogh off eht chasing Lepus but after getting a couple alasie and Ariel, thinking what a waste on bunnies… Should have saved for sands.

First ones im pretty excited i would have been happy with 1 :slight_smile:

I was chasing Ariel with Poseidon and Alasie as possible positive side effects.
But after blowing a multiple of the budget (saved over two months) I am calling a stop to it with no Ariel and no Alasie.

Poseidon will fit very well with my plans and existing line up so I am very happy with him.

I would actually have been very pleased with Anzogh but he is a stubborn b@5tard and went elsewhere (I kinda like the ugly dude, have a soft spot for misfits and outcasts).


I would have given a Poseidon and Alasie for Ariel since I have dupes for those.

I would also throw in 2x Anzoghs.

No Ariel in the end after 110x pulls.

Well u got 3 out of 4 I suppose :wink:

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