Next Atlantis Rises: February 4: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

I actually really enjoy using him. As long as you don’t get mad when he freezes, he’s one hardcore little badger.


I’m going to guess the next two:


Alberich, Alasie, Atomos, Poseidon


Hel, Gravemaker, Ariel, Poseidon

Edit: It seems they want to reintroduce all series one HOTM twice, so that’s why I’m sure Alby and Hel will reappear again soon. Also, they always add someone in the portal that they haven’t featured yet, and Alasie and Gravemaker are next on that list. As for the Atlantis heroes, well that’s just a wild guess.


I agree with your prediction. I believe the next Atlantis will be Alasie and Zeline / Alberich + Atomos and Poseidon. In April, I bet on GM and Hel + Ariel and Poseidon. Especially if we take into account that the old heroes of the month unpublished, are following the color of the hero of the month in force since January. Onathel and Delilah. Aeron and Kunchen. In this pattern, we will have Alasie and Frida, GM and Anzogh.

What is the odds that I used the free 100 Atlantis coins to get this

I feel that I am not lucky at all in Atlantis. I know for sure I am nit lucky in pulling lol.

It’s a 14.6% chance. By far, the most likely outcome on your coins was a 3* (72%), which you would probably have found uninteresting.

There are 9 Atlantis 4*:

  • 2 don’t do much for me (Agwe, Gobbler)
  • 3 are situationally useful (Gadeirus, Ameonna, Sumitomo)
  • 2 are quite decent and I use regularly (Triton, Danzaburo)
  • 2 are outstanding; they’re more like 4-1/2* (Wibur, Proteus)

So you didn’t get as lucky as you could have, but you didn’t do too badly either.

Danza’s 2 useful specials are 5* quality. But that is balanced by the fact that he freezes 1/3 of the time.


I have more than I need of yellow:
Darke max
Li Xui max
Heo 4/25
Wu max
I only will work on a 5☆ yellow if found decent one cause I have justice and don’t gonna let her over 3^70

Confirmed! It’ll be March 28.

I updated the thread title too.


When will be Tarlak ?

End of May, IMHO

Tarlak is always in, like all other previous featured heros.

His first appearance was in August or Sep when Season 2 started.
the new featured hero’s for the last 2 months will be Poseidon together with Atomos and Ariel (one month with each of them)

if Atlantis continues like this, the last stages will be open end of April.
what way SGG continues with Atlantis summons thereafter? we’ll see…

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Are all the stages in season 2 open now

@Buggz No, only through Province 21 is unlocked.

The next round of Provinces unlocks on March 28.

Thanks some1 in my alliance was wondering

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Is April’s HOTM a red healer?

Red, yes. There’s some healing involved, but it’s healing based on a % of the damage he does. So he’s not a traditional healer.


Another better Ares?
Hopefully affecting at least nearby or all like Aeron with a decent own hit, dot and/or cleanse.

Definitely not Ares. Ares is focused on improving his flanks. This guy heals the whole team as a side effect of the AoE damage he himself does. He’s another one of the heroes in the SG push to make slow mana a thing.

My math says he’ll hit the average enemy for around 480 damage when he’s a defender. So fairly nasty for an AoE.

You certainly could use him as a tank it looks like, but he’s a bit less sturdy than, say, Kunchen. And with so many very strong blue snipers, I’d be more than a little afraid of running a slow mana red tank.

He probably does best as a flank. Because of how his heal works, you’d prefer him to fire while all enemies are still alive. So he’ll need to get hit by some tiles.


Sounds like I am not liking him already, but I’m like HotM collector, the rarer, the more it kindles my interest! Lol

Any idea or rumours which is going to be the special heroes that will be available at the march atlantis?

Im here, continue waiting for Hel…


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