Next Atlantis Rises: February 4: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

She was the first Sakura member we fought. Then Mitsuko showed up.

I ran 3xtc20 for around 6 weeks or so and got Vivica and Leonidas from that. Like everything in this game, it’s not fast, but they do eventually come.

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I just check the map, we met Mitsuko and Kageburado after finishing province 11 (story)

Then we fight Mitsuko 5 times (12-1, 12-6, 12-10, 13-5, 13-10)

The first time we saw Inari is when we fought her at 14-10

Did I miss something?

Yeah, you are right, we did meet Kageburado before Inari. I thought we faced Inari at the end of 10, but it was Melia. Whoops. There goes my theory.

My question is will we be short on 2 of the Atlantis heroes? If it goes to pattern, we get 2 this month and 3 provinces. Then a repeat one and the 3rd Atlantis hero in the next month and 3 provinces. But this time, that will finish Atlantis. So, we would miss a chance on 2 of them twice.

There are likely 3 more provinces coming beyond those visible.


Thanks @zephyr1 I never ran the numbers to check that piece

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Atlantis is rising up. Final 3 stages should be in the lost city itself


Anyone’s guess who the returning HotMs will be. I’m expecting Poseidon will be one of the featured heroes in the very final Atlantis release though. The question IMO is whether his other appearance will be the first or second month of the Atlantis family feature.

Afternoon all,
Just real quick, any ideas what the hero will be this month for Atlantis? Or a choice of which ones will be likely? .

As always thank you very much, appreciate the help everyone gives.

My bet is on Poseidon + Atomos. Poseidon is very likely (judging by the Atlantis map story), could also be Ariel instead of Atomos. As for the returning HOTM’s, my bet is on Alasie and Aeron (or maybe Grave in place of Aeron since he’s quite similar to Kunchen?).

There are a ton of guesses up thread, starting with this question for February. Kerridoc has already weighed in here.

Hel, Natalya.
Atomos, Ariel

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Atomos hasn’t even been introduced in the story

Poseidon + ariel

Not an indicator. Inari has not been introduced in anything other than farming zones.

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And atomos hasn’t been introduced anywhere

Neither had Inari before she got introduced.

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So does this mean Atlantis event is this weekend?

No, another 9 days and change. It next returns on February 28.


OK cheers.
So the ‘last full weekend of the month’ wasn’t correct?

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