Next Atlantis Rises: February 4: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

I’m willing to guess that they will pair Hel with Musashi the next time she appears. She was already paired with Perseus and I don’t see them offering 2 dark heroes in the same month for a Thoth pairing. My other guess would be Natalya, but that wouldn’t be bad. All the other combos would be fantastic. I hope I’m wrong :slight_smile:

That’s the spirit!

I could use a few more hels

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It should be two heroes drawn from Yellow/Blue/Green for Atlantis this month (I don’t know which two, though). So Purple and Red wouldn’t be crazy. But honestly, I expect something a little more subdued in the same month that Wonderland premieres.

My guess is they’re going to want to save the big-money past HOTM for March, since the rabbits are kind of lackluster. People will still have lots of cash for Atlantis at that point.

@Feardragonx Boy do I hear that!


■■■■ I might not get that money on time :sweat:

Good thinking. I’ll be crazy and play Carnac the Magnificent:

Season 2 Feature heroes;

  • Atomos (green fighter)
  • Ariel (blue healer/cleric)

Rerun HotM:

  • Gravemaker
  • Gregorion


Do you need complete silence from the audience?

Man, I remember getting to stay up late to watch him. Thanks for the guesses, and the good memories!


If we’re placing bets:

S2: Poseidon, Ariel
HOTM: Alberich, Natalya

I think Hel will be paired with Musashi, but I don’t know if it will be this month or some future one. I just want her to join my team :sob: .

They already got their buyout, they don’t need the few million dollar pop that combo would bring them.


I’ll play…

S2: Ariel, Atomos
HOTM: Alberich, Aeron

Lots of A’s in there.

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Two 5 star healers when the current HOTM is a 5 star healer…there will be a lot of new people sporting fancy new healers if so.

Oh and Ariel…wow…that would be healer heaven


There has been a pattern to the 5* Atlantis heroes release.

When it came down to it, the first two that were released during wave one were Tarlak and Misandra, both of which appeared first in the story. Then they had Mok-Arr show up who was released 3rd with Tarlak during the second month.

When it came to the Sakura family, Inari and Mitzuko were the first to show up in the story, then Kageburado, which is also how they were released.

If the pattern holds, Ariel and Poseidon will be the first to appear for this Atlantis summon and next month (March) will be Ariel and Atomos.
That’s just my speculation, but I could be wrong.

As far as the returning HoTM, i speculate they will release Poseidon and Hel at the same time because they are kinda like opposites of one another but we could also see Natalya make a comeback. With Ariel, I doubt we will see Aeron or Delilah come back, so they will probably pair her with Gravemaker or Zeline. These are just my guesses. I think Alaise, Drake and Greg are two soon to make a comeback.


The earliest they’ve ever re-released a HOTM looks like 8 months after initial appearance. Adjust your betting odds accordingly :slight_smile:

My best guess would be Aeron GM Poseidon Ariel

I dont think they would release two 5* healers at the same time, but that’s just me.

I think since we saw two HotM that havent been seen in Atlantis yet, and two Atlantis heroes that had been seen already, we will be reversing that. So like Ariel, Atomos, Hel, and Alberich is my guess. Two repeating HotM and two new Atlantis heroes. Im saying Atomos over Poseidon since we just had a yellow Atlantis 5 star but who knows?

My prediction is Aegir will feature 4 times this Atlantis portal and everyone will leave the game in a rage quit :grin:


Gravemaker came after Alasie, though. So if it’s too soon for her to show up then it’s too soon for him to show up.

My theory is Ariel and Atomos because Poseidon is the big one we are journeying to see. So it would make the most sense for him to be in March.

As for returning hotm I hope it’s not Hel because I’m hoping to skip Atlantis summons this month and I really want to try for Hel, Ariel, and Poseidon at once.

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I understand that Alaise came before GM, but Ariel is blue and I don’t think they would introduce a blue HotM when they introduce Ariel. I probably should have clarified that in my other post.

Since February’s Atlantis will have a few days in March, and (presumably) March’s Atlantis will at least start in March, and Ariel has to be in one of the two Atlantis heroes available in those two Atlantis, the blue HOTM in March will necessarily be offered at the same time as Ariel for a few days.

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