Next Atlantis Rises: February 4: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

Is there a calendar of dates for upcoming atlantis events???

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@jinbatsu’s Spreadsheet tracking history of Featured heroes AND predicting future Atlantis Featured Heroes

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Basically: 2nd Thursday of the month is the challenge event, Atlantis is the 4th weekend of the month. The seasonal events are Easter, Summer Solstice, Halloween, and Christmas. Not sure when Wonderland will be, there are rumors it might hit over Valentines.

Rare quests are once every two weeks or so.

…we should have had a 2nd Class Quest by now… but I’m sure that’ll sort itself out soon enough.

Really good question. There’s a lot more to keep track of than I thought!


The next set of Atlantis provinces (16-18) and summons start in just over 5 days.

@Kerridoc also posted a guess (twice) back in December on featured heroes that seems to have held up so far:

More recent conjecture on featured heroes can be found here:


I was wrong about the Atlantis heroes last month, so this month’s featured Atlantis legendaries will surely be Kageburado and Inari. All earlier legendaries, including Mitsuko, will be in the mix but with very low odds.


Thank you for summing everything up. I think it’s worth clarifying that Wonderland is a challenge event, as opposed to a seasonal event (relevant for people who have been saving EHT’s). As for your conjecture on the timing, I note that Valentine’s Day happens to fall on the second Thursday of February this year.


@Kerridoc, for fun do you care to venture a guess about the returning heroes this month? I’d say you were conceptually correct about the Atlantis heroes in December, and going 1/2 on the returning heroes from a large-ish pool is no small feat.

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Thoth-Amun is the only 2017 HotM that hasn’t returned, so he seems likely (though maybe he’ll be delayed again t avoid two purple featured heroes).

If I were SGG and felt it was time to give poor Thoth another outing, I’d put Gravemaker up again, who is sure to be a big draw and will get the Q1 financials off to a good start.


Thanks! Like many, I put a lot of stock in your opinions, even though this one is pretty much just for fun since it’s unlikely I’ll actually pull anyone who’s up anyway.

I agree Thoth seems likely. Your suggestion of a popular pairing makes sense. I have seen Delilah mentioned (as the next oldest after Thoth to not yet have shown), though that’d be a lot of yellow. With Onatel already as the HOTM I find it unlikely SGG would rock such a heavy color stack. Though November did see Mitsuko introduced, Ares returned, and Zimkitha as HOTM.


Anyone know who will be the next Special guest hero’s in season 2? I bought the special offers that gave me over 17,000 gems and i want to know when is the best time to use them and what will be available.

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This is by no mean official but I’ve heard Atomos and Kegburado

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Burrito probably. We’ve had Mitsi twice, so not likely her. Have we had Inari twice? If not, it should be Burrito and Inari. If so, it will be Burrito and one of the next batch (Atomos, Poseidon or Ariel)


I think we’re due for Inari and Kageburado being featured this time, right?


@NPNKY, Inari has only come up once. This is to the best of my memory, but I am confident (hopefully not in a Dunning-Kruger sort of way).

October 2018
HOTM: Aegir
Featured Atlantis Heroes: no idea (I was new to the game and there was so much going on, plus they were all new to me)
Returning HOTM’s: Athena, Natalya

November 2018
HOTM: Zimkitha
Featured Atlantis Heroes: Mitsuko, Inari
Returning HOTM’s: Ares, Zeline

December 2018
HOTM: Evelyn
Featured Atlantis Heroes: Mitsuko, Kageburado
Returning HOTM’s: Athena, Musashi

January 2019
HOTM: Onatel
Featured Atlantis Heroes: BEST GUESS - Inari, Kageburado
Returning HOTM’s: BEST GUESS - Thoth and - I like Kerridoc’s thoughts - someone powerful and popular who hasn’t been up for a while - Gravemaker and Alasie seem the two who best fit those criteria


Sounds about right to me.

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This would surprise me. It hasn’t hit beta yet and, based from a post from Sara, it sounds like the weekly events will hit beta next. Beta is currently closed - nothing is being tested.


By the way, since there really are sooo many cooldowns and timeframes to keep in mind, I put together a Calendar page on the wiki to help separate what cooldowns happen when. Hope it’s helpful! :slight_smile:


Is it completely random as for the old HOTM heros in the Atlantis? Just trying to see of there is maybe a list for each summons past and future. Thanks

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@RICHARDBANGER There’s speculation on the upcoming old HOTM offered, but there’s really no way for anyone but SG to know until the Summons is live.

There’s an existing recent thread with some discussion of expectations:

And a thread with a list of the previous ones:

(@Kerridoc @Rook Possible merge of topic)


Thank you very much @zephyr1

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You’re welcome! :heart:

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