Next Atlantis Rises: February 4: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

Is April’s HOTM a red healer?

Red, yes. There’s some healing involved, but it’s healing based on a % of the damage he does. So he’s not a traditional healer.


Another better Ares?
Hopefully affecting at least nearby or all like Aeron with a decent own hit, dot and/or cleanse.

Definitely not Ares. Ares is focused on improving his flanks. This guy heals the whole team as a side effect of the AoE damage he himself does. He’s another one of the heroes in the SG push to make slow mana a thing.

My math says he’ll hit the average enemy for around 480 damage when he’s a defender. So fairly nasty for an AoE.

You certainly could use him as a tank it looks like, but he’s a bit less sturdy than, say, Kunchen. And with so many very strong blue snipers, I’d be more than a little afraid of running a slow mana red tank.

He probably does best as a flank. Because of how his heal works, you’d prefer him to fire while all enemies are still alive. So he’ll need to get hit by some tiles.


Sounds like I am not liking him already, but I’m like HotM collector, the rarer, the more it kindles my interest! Lol

Any idea or rumours which is going to be the special heroes that will be available at the march atlantis?

Im here, continue waiting for Hel…


Well I can repeat what I said earlier which is based on patterns and research done by others.

It is almost assuredly going to be two of the following

Hel, Alberich, Thoth-Amun, Perseus, Natalya, Zeline, Delilah or Alasie. Small chance of Gravemaker combined with one of the aforementioned as well.

In addition it will either be Poseidon + Ariel OR Poseidon + Atomos

The best guesser (@_John_Doe) thinks it coukd be Gravemaker, Zeline, Atomos, Poseidon. But based on the Dev talk just recently where it says they pick them I really highly doubt they’d put Zeline and Gravemaker on the same month as those two are highly coveted.


that is most likely. i agree

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Seems like they’ll always have one good old HOTM on Atlantis and one so so. That way it keeps the spending consistent. If they put two great ones on the same month it might raise spending for that month but the following months would suffer once they put the others out there. Really hoping this month has gravemaker in it. He’s the one I’ve wanted since I started playing this game, which was after he was available lol


Meh! I don’t get excited on atlantis anymore since the 30 over pulls with not a single 5 * and a mere three 4 * dupes and five Melias.
Good bye Kage, Tarlak, Ariel…

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I’m fairly new to the game with only one legendary so far (Musashi) and thus all of Hel, Alberich, Alasie, Zeline, Gravemaker, Delilah, and Natalya all are highly desired by me. So there’s a chance this Atlantis portal is going to be pretty hype for me. If Ariel is back too that would make it more hype.

Can’t wait to see! I’ll likely do a 10 pull


If Alasie shows up before Hel, it will bring into question my saving a stockpile of gems and coins for Hel.

Well, if they all show up with Kage, I will change my mind for a second considering those over 3k stock of gems. Lady luck may come knocking…yay!

Kage is now always available from the Atlantis portal, albeit with very low odds (0.2% of drawing some non-featured Season 2 hero, and there will be seven such heroes). Kage won’t be a featured hero again until we finish the Atlantis family (in April), then cycle through the Lagoon family (May-July), and finally get back to the Sakura family.


Thanks Kerrydoc. Another reason to keep my gems. Prolly able to make up to 60 pulls when the viable 5 * is available again.

Worse that that - there are 6 in the non featured pool :x:

Think it’s like 1 in 2000 baseline :x

Lagoon Family back from May ? NO way finally opportunity to get Tarlak on 1,3% chance ?! You serious Kerr :slight_smile: ?

Actually not - 1.3% is for all featured heroes, so Tarlak only 1/4 * 1.3% = 0.325%

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You think Toth will be there, when he was in Jan 19?

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