Next Atlantis Rises: February 4: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes


And this Atlantis Rises is crazy

What’s going on lol

Season 3 is upon us

Is Season 3 seriously going to launch this month?! I figured they would at least wait until after Springvale.


11 summons and I got Ariel on the last one!

Can’t believe it! In the process of leveling Vivica now 3/56. Don’t have the mats to take her to the next ascension yet. Just started Vela. Now don’t know if I need a 2nd 5* healer so soon. Should I switch to Ariel?


Congrats and yes! 20 ariels.

Just in time!

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Just a reminder… Atlantis Summons thread:
Atlantis Summons – Results & Discussion [November 2018 through February 2020, and continuing]


I must stay strong. My plan was 3x Avalon pulls and then think later about Atlantis. Now I’m going to bypass Atlantis and try to not get sucked in by other player’s good luck :zipper_mouth_face:


Was so not prepared for Atlantis being this early. Welp, off to progress the story and backpack farm.

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Atlantis rises timing change is a real drag. I use the challenge event to get all my world energy flask refills now I won’t be able to farm nearly as hard! Total surprise!

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SG could apologize for forgetting to warn us by offering the 100 tickets plus WE flask offer now


Same here! lol Just made my pull… Oberon.

How about three free world energy flasks in the mail??

So, I’m really hoping to pull Delilah this Atlantis. She looks really strong! Her card says: recovers 33% health for all and summons a guardian minion for each ally with 13%HP and 16% attack.

How many turns are the minions active? I was told they fire every turn but just how MANY turns would that be? :thinking::blush:

Minions are active as long as they are alive (they act as a meat shield).


I can’t find information: what % chance is to get previous HotM in Atlantis?

I believed all Atlantis featured heroes are 1.3%

There are 4 featured heroes, 2 Atlantis heroes and 2 previous HotM. Each one of them have equal chance (1.3%/4 = 0.325%).

You have 0.65% chance of getting previous HotM in each pull as there are 2 of them.

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As @Mr.Spock said it is 1.3%

Note that this is 1.3% chance for 1 of 4 possible featured heroes. Meaning that the specific chance for 1 returning HotM is 1.3/4 = 0.325% chance

What this translates to in probability terms:

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Does anyone have any info on how/when/if the older HotM (ones that’ve returned two or three times already) will become available again? I was very disappointed to discover Alby wouldn’t be returning again this year after waiting for months and trying unsuccessfully to get him in September. You can’t always get the hero you want on the first, second or even third try, so it would really suck if they disappeared some of the best heroes in the game after just a few chances to get them.

When will March AR be? Is it always like the first Wednesday or something of the month?

Thanks :vulcan_salute:t2:

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