Next Atlantis Rises: February 4: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

No, another 9 days and change. It next returns on February 28.


OK cheers.
So the ‘last full weekend of the month’ wasn’t correct?

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Apparently not, since I certainly wouldn’t refer to February 28 that way.

Since Challenge Events are usually the 2nd Thursday, I suspect it’s more accurately the 4th Thursday, though I haven’t checked to see if that’s always held true.


My guesses:

S2 Legendary: Ariel, Atomos
Featured previous HoTM: Gravemaker, Hel


Dude I so hope your right! GM and Hel is love both 2x lol


This is what I suspect as well. They likely oppose it with the Challenge Event so that there’s an interesting summon guaranteed to happen twice a month with an average spread of ‘every two weeks’.


:pray: for same + Alby :heart:

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Im waiting for Hel i hope to see her in the next atlantis

Do you know what gods will be available on the upcoming Atlantis in a few days?

No one here knows, but this thread is probably your best source of information / guesses.

@zephyr1 @Kerridoc @Rook close / merge thread.


Merged. :heart_decoration:

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This is too good to be true

Hel and Gravemaker are too good to be in same Atlantis , they will split it into 2 months to get more money out of diamonds

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I bet 99.99% we will have Musashi (one)

second one would be: aeron or grave or alasie (two)

also been last 9 stages = 3 more atlantis > 3 heroes = poseidon, atomos, ariel.

i bet:
1 - poseidon, atomos (three, four)
2 - atomos, ariel
3 - ariel, poseidon

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Aeron and Alasie

Ariel and Atomos

I guess Ariel is gonna be one of them, she has been in the S2 history for long, lot of people is gonna open the wallet to get her xD

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Lol, if this happens Aegir will end up being a healthy snack in whale stomach.

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as far as I know it won’t be comebacks from HotM with elemental link…

I had guessed Ariel and Atomos, but I’m revising my forecast to:

Ariel and Poseidon

Poseidon makes a cameo appearance at the end of the province 18 storyline, Atomos? We havent met him yet,

If it is Ariel and Poseidon, February is going to be a banner month for SGG revenues. The new Wonderland event surely opened wallets, and two excellent Atlantis heroes will cause people to break out the piggy banks.


Could you imagine if GM is among them as well? Undoubtedly would be a record setting month for SG.

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lets go full freak mode :

Ariel , Poseidon , Gravemaker , Hel .

GG -> Mastercard and Visa servers

@Karridoc , Im listening to Your “predictions” ( :wink: ) for a long time already I have to admit they are super accurate


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