Next Atlantis Rises: February 4: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes


And atomos hasn’t been introduced anywhere

Neither had Inari before she got introduced.

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So does this mean Atlantis event is this weekend?

No, another 9 days and change. It next returns on February 28.


OK cheers.
So the ‘last full weekend of the month’ wasn’t correct?

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Apparently not, since I certainly wouldn’t refer to February 28 that way.

Since Challenge Events are usually the 2nd Thursday, I suspect it’s more accurately the 4th Thursday, though I haven’t checked to see if that’s always held true.


My guesses:

S2 Legendary: Ariel, Atomos
Featured previous HoTM: Gravemaker, Hel


Dude I so hope your right! GM and Hel is love both 2x lol


This is what I suspect as well. They likely oppose it with the Challenge Event so that there’s an interesting summon guaranteed to happen twice a month with an average spread of ‘every two weeks’.


:pray: for same + Alby :heart:

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Im waiting for Hel i hope to see her in the next atlantis

Do you know what gods will be available on the upcoming Atlantis in a few days?

No one here knows, but this thread is probably your best source of information / guesses.

@zephyr1 @Kerridoc @Rook close / merge thread.


Merged. :heart_decoration:

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This is too good to be true

Hel and Gravemaker are too good to be in same Atlantis , they will split it into 2 months to get more money out of diamonds

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I bet 99.99% we will have Musashi (one)

second one would be: aeron or grave or alasie (two)

also been last 9 stages = 3 more atlantis > 3 heroes = poseidon, atomos, ariel.

i bet:
1 - poseidon, atomos (three, four)
2 - atomos, ariel
3 - ariel, poseidon

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Aeron and Alasie

Ariel and Atomos

I guess Ariel is gonna be one of them, she has been in the S2 history for long, lot of people is gonna open the wallet to get her xD

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Lol, if this happens Aegir will end up being a healthy snack in whale stomach.

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as far as I know it won’t be comebacks from HotM with elemental link…

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