Next Atlantis Rises: December 3: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

My bad.You were right.Mixed it up with the Atlantis offer.

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I would level them up and stack them.

When we can expect Gregorion again on Atlantis summon?

perhaps never again… but most likely in July 2020.

Has anyone actually figured out how they pick the featured heroes of the month for Atlantis?
@zephyr1 (sry for tagging you that much :frowning:)

June 2020 by my reckoning

So if I’m reading that chart right, November should be Evelyn (yay) and Thoth-Amun (bleh).

Is it worth it… :thinking:

The old HOTM have been a distinctive pattern the last few months, so that’ll probably continue.

The featured Atlantis Heroes are a less distinctive pattern now than they were originally. I think there’s a good chance those are chosen by hand, like the HOTM used to be:


It’s actually pretty easy. HOTM Aug2017: Musashi. HOTM Aug2018: Khiona. Atlantis Aug2019: Musashi and Khiona. Makes sense, doesn’t it? :wink: Also do you think HOTM’s from 2017 will never show up again? (If the pattern continues in Aug2020 the featured heroes will be Khiona from HOTM Aug2018 and Miki from HOTM Aug2019 and Musashi will never be available again. Or at least not in Atlantis)

Right, so again:

But that’s only been true since the last of the Atlantis Provinces were released.

Before that it was selected by the game designers.

I’m saying that the featured Season 2 Heroes each month are probably being chosen through a similar process now.

I have no idea, but it seems like they generally enjoy bringing back old heroes every now and then, so them never showing up again seems very unlikely.


oh alright. kinda misunderstood that then. thx!


And does anybody know, how this works with the offers? Last month was some where you paid 100$ and got 11k gems and some ascention mats. Does this will appear this month and till Avalon starts? Bcs ive made a gems-spending plan for that month which would actually fit really well

@Petri do you have a line id where I can contact you? or don’t you want to share it here? if so pls contact me by any chance. id: lordwoodland

Let the bribing commence… Lol

Evelyn and Perseus in November
Zim and Toth in October


Next featured: Alby and Aegir.


When will Zeline appear? :sob::sob::sob:


Scroll up and read some I think it was posted not long ago

Still holding out for Natalya who has been awol for nearly 12 months.
The new pattern is doing me a disappointment because it conveniently skipped her… Perseus too but meh

January it would seem for Zeline. I am also desirous of her

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