Next Atlantis August 22: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM [Currently discussing August 22 Cycle]

Atlantis Rises 1 with the introduction of Ursena and Muggy presented the beginning of the shift of balance of power towards the Atlantis and the Lagoon families (Atlantis family has 4 5*, one less 3* than the two families, and Lagoon family having one more 3* than the other 2). That leaves us with the Sakura family. Ursena is an unique creation, and Muggy is an improved version of the Chameleon Mugger enemy in Atlantis. Not peeking in the beta thread, but are there are any other Atlantis heroes being made?

Since there are no more new story content for Season 2, perhaps Sakura family might make an addition by improving another map enemy? Maybe the Oni Warrior? Perhaps make him a 4* Green, as Sakura family doesn’t currently have any nature heroes. With the family crest depicting Cherry Blossoms, I am surprised there is currently no nature aligned member of the Sakura family.


Nothing has been tested in Beta so far, but it seems reasonable they may add additional heroes at some point.


Oni Warrior and Emperor Moth would be really cool 4*s, agreed. Would be great l to get Fire, Nature, and Dark enemy reflectors to join Mitsuko and Ursena.


It is also becoming a bit harder to get Atlantis coins if all map levels are finished and mission rewards collected. Ever since finishing all S2 stages on Hard Mode which I had 900 Atlantis Coins and after I got mostly letdowns (I did manage to get my first Gaediron and Muggy), I’ve only managed to accumulate 90 Atlantis Coins since then (chests here and there, AR1 Orichalcum Seahorses, etc.) … I am currently hoarding my gems for other event pulls… Unless I do another gem pull, it will probably be a while before I summon in the Atlantis portal again… LOL


@Demobazuka, it’s lowered throughout the event. Also the rewards are increased throughout the entire event. The “special enemies” that drop Atlantis coins are the wild card, they show up randomly and drop random amounts of coins.

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Guys is Atlantis tomorrow ?

@Dina it’s expected for the 4th Thursday of the month as usual, which is June 27 this month.

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Google translation added by @zephyr1

Anyway I noticed that Atlantis is every 28 days … and it would be tomorrow …

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Cmq io ho notato che Atlantide è ogni 28 giorni…e sarebbe domani…

Hi @nani81, please note that the official language of the Forum is English. You’re welcome to post in Italian in #foreign-languages, but please translate your posts to English for all other sections. :slight_smile:

Atlantis isn’t normally every 28 days. It’s consistently been on the 4th Thursday of each month.

It’s always possible that might change, but that’s been the timing so far.


Sorry for writing in Italian, anyway I had noticed that it was always every 4 weeks

It would actually prefer Atlantis to start tomorrow. So we can enjoy Atlantis Rises more with it not overlapping with the Sand Empire event.
But definitely looking forward to both events :grin:


Was Ursena and Inari featured last time? Gosh, I hope that Kage will be featured in this month, does anyone have a clue for the featured Atlantis heroes?

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Most likely Athena, Greg, Tarlak and Mitsuko, based on the info revealed in a few threads above.


Tarlak, mitsu, athena, Greg, ranvir look like gd heroes to pull for.

Does anyone hv a guess to next months Atlantis? Impt for c2p to plan where to spend gems

Tks in advance


Any changes in the incoming featured heroes? I have interest in all of them. Yes, odds are pretty low, but 0 tries means 0% chance of getting them


None that we’re aware of. There have been no new Atlantises in beta…


So no Ursena tomorrow? That will save me a lot of money :smiley:

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@nani81, most of the time - yes, but not always:


What’s the guess tomorrow? about the heroes …

Returning HOTM: Gregorion and Athena
Featured Atlantis: Tarlak and Mitsuko

This was the second Atlantis Gate that was seen in beta - the first was what was released in May, so the general confidence level on this one being the June combo is fairly high.


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