Next 5* star to ascend

These are my actual 5* stars and the levelling status of them. Want to hear other opinions because I have a pretty clear idea of who to ascend next in each color but it’s always cool to hear other viewings and opinions. Within the next weeks I will have materials for all colors. Already 7 darts in thr books now. Considering the actual nerf situation I could switch immediately to Kunchen so no prob there if Tellu gets an overnerf.

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Purple: Jabber or Kage or Clarissa or Ursena
Jebber is great on offense and defense also he is monk which is can conflict with Joon. Ursena is great like Mitsuko.

Yellow: Joon or Malosi
I think Joon is great, because we need sniper. Malosi can wait, and usable at 3.70 for a while.

Blue: Finley

Green: Zeline or Tarlak
Zeline is great fast dispeller and debuff. Tarlak can wait, but it also depend on which Titan, for Titan below 10* is okay at 3.70.

Red: Elena or Marjana
I would choose sniper 1st, Marjana.


Goot tips Jinbatsu thanks for your time and reply. Actually it’s quite cool that first we had the same thinking about who to ascend and second we kill quite easy 9* titans but have hard times with 10*. So you got exactly our situation. On red I thought also Marjana or maybe wait til they show the HOTM for July who I think will be red right? Since ascension materials don’t fall from the trees =D

Yes, and some member of community said to slow down to create new HOTM on every month… so that’s means it can be the old HOTM, and from cycle gender after Raffaele is a man, so their should be female red, so that means can not be Ares or Gravemaker sadly :rofl: it can be Zimkitha or Grazul which is I think both are great…
But, it is likely not gonna happen like this,… I’m just saying if so…
The point is July is Red HOTM. :muscle:

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Would be nice. Since they have not released her in beta yet it seems that there is something in progress where they are either working on extremely detailled or they are developong a big change in the HOTM logic. Would love to know what they are planning.

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And if it is Zimkitha…I will wait =D great hero…love her when i raid her…but hate her also…so great hero to have it seems to me =D all the time when I love/hate a hero it’s great =D

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I have Kage, Jabberwock Ursena and Kunchen maxed. I would go Kage first.

Yellow Joon or malosi

Green zeline

Blue Finley

Red I would wait. I maxed Marjana and she’s ok but I think there are better reds.

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Why Kage? Because of the very fast? And btw all these purples already leveled?!?? Nice job :slight_smile:

Yes I’ve been fortunate with purple. Jabberwock is a lot of fun and hits hard but not being able to choose targets is a small problem. Kage at very fast with the debuff and hard hit early in a fight is very handy. Ursena is a lot of fun too, watching Joon and Poseidon kill themselves never gets old. Clarissa is on my wish list especially since I don’t have GM.
All are great heroes and there’s certainly no wrong choice. Kage is the most versatile for me.

Shameless purple brag.


Maaaaaan…what a purple team…I got it yeah…Jabber has this problem that he attacks only the wings yeah…my theory is always to stack min. 3 purple actually against Guin or any other yellow tank…Rigard (C), Tiburtus (C), Jabber and sometimes also Proteus. So the tank goes with 5 tiles. Proteus shuts down the left or right side and Jabber does hit thing on the wings. On 3/70 already he hits pretty hard so I think on 4/80 he wrecks them alone because normally on the wings there are snipers with lower health. Good til I have my last tabards I have some weeks to decide. Thanks for the detailled feedback :slight_smile: