Next 5* Purple to Level: Seshat (2nd) OR Killhare?


I now have 12 tabards and I can now level one 5* purple (I’m sparing 6 for Clarissa :stuck_out_tongue: ).

My current maxed purples:

  • 5*: Seshat+19, Kage, Victor, Sartana and Obakan
  • 4*: Rigard, 2xProteus, Ameona, Gafar, Merlin, Sabina and Tiburtus

My 5* available to max:

  • Seshat, Killhare, Thoth, Domitia and Obakan

I was totally going for the 2nd Seshat, but yesterday I got Killhare. She’s my only 5* dark that hits 5, and overall damage is good, but the drawback is bad… On the other side, Seshat is the safe bet, but I already have one.

What do you think?

Note: I don’t have JF or Grazul… :expressionless:

Twin Seshats are hard to argue against and it’s not a wrong decision to go that way, but Killbunny is also tempting. In your shoes if I had JF maxed or close I’d be tempted to level Kill to take advantage of the reversing synergy

In fact I am in your shoes. I have Sesh2 at 3/68 but I drew both Killhare and Lepus and have a 4/80+4 JF… so as of now I alam planning towards a raid team that features all three - would would be my first non-mono war team in 2+ yrs.


I didnt notice rigard in your options but imagine attack:

Costmed rigard + costumed tiburtus + killbun

rigard boosts attack, tiburtus lowers def, killbun will hit like a train
her attack will be like you have triggered 5 snipers and more


Yes I’ve, I’ve missed him while scrolling the list… Already updated the original post. But I don’t have Tiburtus costume… :confused:

hope you get it, it seems that getting 3* and 4* costumes is fairly easy

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Thats really difficult.

I would go with killhare there because you do have a decent amount of fast purple snipers.

Regarding pvp your snipers will be good enough.

In war its never wrong to have one hard aoe hitter who prepares 4 to 5 enemies to be taken out quickly after killhare fires.

Tournaments on very fast without holy allowed, killhare even does more damage than ursena…
And as tournaments are the best way to gain cashfree emblems I always recommend not to undererstimate how importan middle and slow heroes can be in a roster
(Btw i use azlar, elena, wilbur, mother and alberich on very fast tournaments. Almost impossible to lose)

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Killhare is sick as!

Even without Grazul or JF, her “undispellable defence” is actually really useful still as it “blocks” more devestating defence down effects from the likes of Kunchen or Isarnia.

(Reason being is that Killhare is UNDISPENSABLE; so cannot be replaced or flipped while active)

As others have said, she hits like a truck so is totally worthwhile if for no other reason than that.

Put it this way, I have her and plan on levelling and ascending her, even if I get Clarissa :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s my purple mono: first Costumed Rigard shoots, then, costumed Tiburtus. After them it’s Ursena time… at LEAST 500 hp on every opponent. Then Khiona and Seshat take care of whatever is left.

Never fails to make me grin like a maniac


Slight pivot, what about Killhare v Jabberwock? I do have JF+15 and would run her with BK+19 for attack up.

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Tough choice honestly.

I lean Killhare only cuz she’s awesome and unique. A dupe seshat is still awesome though and probably more useful in utility.

Guess it depends on whether you’re looking for a hit-all vs a sniper.

The defense drawback from Killhare isn’t good but I think her skill power and speed more than makes up for it.

I’d choose Killhare if you have JF already. Jabberwock otherwise.


I would go with Jabber first. He hits extremely hard, faster and her poison will stack with Clarissa apparently. Plus I believe there is less competition for Monk emblems (at least I do not have anyone to put them on) but fighter emblems are kinda in higher demand, and they are all good choices as well, Kingston, Poseidon, Elena Costume etc.

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I have Seshat and not Killhare. and I love me my Seshat, she’s amazing on offense.

that said, I think variety is good - and Killhare will wreak havoc if you fire her after Tibs. Seshat can be used to finish off weakened enemies.

so, another vote for Killhare.


arghhhh…I love that the decision is not an easy one, but tabards are not easy to come by (i currently have 7). I agree with the monk argument, i have 1005 sitting in the bank, while i have all my fighter emblems on Kingston+15, who I use on both offense and defense. So i’m not going to be removing them from him anytime soon. I think Jabby would also make a wicker defender, where Killhare is all offense.
Still not sure though…

Try missing Khiona and Wilbur with your Ursena… Fire the former two and wait two turns for the beserk to ratchet up and then fire Ursena.

I do this with BK and Mok… For what many (:wink::joy:) consider a useless hero, 1k+ hits to multiple enemies on raids makes me laugh myself silly.


I wish I had Killhare.

or a Seshat…

What?! Jabberwock and Clarrisa poisons will stack? Is this true?

I suffer from a similar problem. Just got the 6th robe. I’. deciding between a second Seshat or Quintus which I have th costume for. below are the purples already leveled
Khiona +1 and 3-70 and 3-57
c-Rigard +20 and 4-80
Seshat +9
Sabrina +19 and 4-80
Proteus +15
G panther 4-80
Dominita 3-70

Other bench option Obakan and Thoth-amon

any suggestions helpful

I’d go Killhare over a 2nd Seshat.
Having added variety is really awesome. I have a 2nd Seshat as well, and she won’t be getting leveled ahead of other purples I have in my queue (Sargasso, 2nd Kage, Domitia, etc.).

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Well even better. Jabber is such a great wing and with emblems he will become a staple in your offense, defense and probably titan teams as well (he hits 600% against titan)

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Well, I wouldnt see jabber as titan hero (maybe for the tile damage) cause I guess around 90% of titandamage goes through tiles.

In offense when combined with any other effect hero like vela or jeanfrancoise the wings are mostly dead after jabber and vela/jf fire.

Killhare is the hardest hitter on all enemies and middle mana. She should be maxed !

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