Next 5* purple hero: Khiona, Kunchen or second Sartana?


Hi guys! :slight_smile:
Finally I have 6 tabbards…I wanted to pull Hel or Panther, but they never arrived :frowning:
I already have a maxed Sartana, and now the choice is between Khiona, Kunchen or second Sartana.
My defense team is misandra mother north guin zim sartana…suggestions are welcome! XD


Kunchen for defense tank.

Khiona for offense.

You dont need a 2nd Sartana.


I prioritize titan teams, so I’d personally go with Khiona for the attack buff, good attack stat in a purple stack against titans, and elemental link healing.


I also have Tarlak maxed for titans…is khiona good even in this case?


Not necessarily since you have Tarlak.

Khiona would only be a slight bonus to the team.

Kunchen would be more valuable for raid defense.


Khiona will stack with Tarlak up to 160%, plus they’re off color, so it gives you two sources of attack buffs depending on how the board is going.

So I’d say yes.


Agree, I use Khiona + Wu Kong for yellow titans.

My team for those:

Aemonna | Rigard | Khiona | Gill-Ra +12 (lol) | Wu Kong

obviously if I had Tiburtus maxed I wouldn’t use Gill-Ra, but you get the idea; decrease def and then use Khiona + Wu’s boosts to deal major damage.


He’s not gonna tank Kunch when he has Guin. Kunch can go in other spots on defense and be effective too though. But still, I tend to agree with zeph, that prioritizing titan hits is the way to go, and khiona is the right answer in that context for sure. Her buff stacks with Tarlak’s.