Next 5* holy? The Professor, someone else or wait?

Greedings to all! Having received great advice in the past, once again I am reaching to the community to help me decide which 5* will ascend next.
Without delay here are my candidates

Here are my finished 5*

At first I was thinking about the Professor, but there are some 4* that can do roughly the same job (healing), admittedly not so well (they can’t cleanse, for example)

So, I reached a dead end and waiting for what? Some other holy from season 4, costume Leo (I know extremely low chance)?

Do you have any suggestions as the 4* mats are extremely hard to find?

I have 8 darts and regarding emblems about the same cleric and paladin, about 900-1000 each and fighter 50 (I have a lot of great fighters so I can’t afford to strip them of their emblems)

Thanks in advance for all your insights!

PS: In a little while, I will have the same problem with reds, so I will come back!!!

Prof. Lidenbrock is what I would do first with Sir. Roostley right after her.
Congratulations on getting D’Andre, he is a very good 4*.

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Thanks. It was the most realistic expectation I had from a 10 pull!

I vote for the professor. She’s a nice upgrade to the already great Gullinbursti. Thor would be my second choice.

absolutely the professor, then i would level the 4*s

I would recommend leveling them in the exact order you have them listed other than I would take Joon (Costume?) over Thor.