Next 4* to level

Well - I don’t have any 5*s worth working on right now (due to a lack of Mats for the the ones I do have…) so… to at least keep some progress going, which of these should I work on next - I guess if I’m focusing on anything, it would be events/tournaments for their level (as my roster is deep enough they probably won’t see any war action)

  • Aodhan - He’d be my 2nd. First one is Maxed/Blemmed/LB
  • C-Kelile - No other reason than CB when she gets used (which isn’t all that often)
  • Anton - Sounds intriguing, but some of the reviews I read on him are… less than enthusiastic
  • Carol - Well, She is a fast hero, and a mana reducer… but the gift bomb is easily dispelled, and doesn’t do a ton of damage, and no minion (despite being an Xmas Hero)
  • C-Frank - Got him recently and have his non-costume maxed, but haven’t used him yet.
  • Boomer - Pulled from the recent Challenge Festival
  • Peters - Pulled from the recent Challenge festival - Like the silence, but already have 2 Tettukhs for silencing (though the 2 Tets + Peters could be interesting D for a no red VF tourney)

Thanks for any thoughts!

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Carol and boomer I immediately thought no
Peters is my only silence hero so I use him in war if I need extra support.
I have two costume franks and they see a lot of action in war against minion teams.
I don’t have Anton but I’d level if I had one
Aodhan is a slayer so I know I’d use him in every rush event.

Costume frank and aodhan are the two that I’d want or use most.

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Thanks! Those were the two I was leaning towards (but figured I’d list all options)… and gather info from those more knowledgeable than me :slight_smile:

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Good questions fellow Q Ryche Fan. Notes below.

2nd Aodhan. I’d say yes. Working together could slowly melt another team, especially no healing tourney
C-Kellie - I have her and am not especially impressed. Others love her, either way fast and useful
Anton - Maxed him and was so disappointed. Tried so hard to like him, but his butt is leaving a mark on my bench
Carol - I wouldn’t. No minions means no Christmas bonus. BOO!
C-Frank - I have him and really like him for V Fast. That said few 4* heroes make minions so the costume is a waste. I have Skadi so he’s isn’t used much but for depth.
Boomer - Total stinker. Needs a buff bad
Peters - I find Hansel and Tettukh more useful, but silence is a golden charge move.



Thanks for the info and thoughts on the heroes. Between you and Ruskin, it sounds like C-Frank and Aodhan should be the top 2… and they also let me know which ones to ignore.

And nice to meet another QR fan. Not too many pick up the reference.

Huge fan. First saw them opening for AC/DC in 86 on the Rage for Order tour. I’ve seen them 8 times total. Cheers!


Costumed Frank is a solid hero. I maxed him and use him alot in wars/raiding. Paired with Jott, Morel, Frida, does substaintial damage and stacks frost damage. Since you already have 1 Aodhan, I’d do costume frank first, then a secon Aodhan.

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I recently got carol too from the Xmas portal. I heard she has some use in the magic/ninja towers. Like Gulli you can spam her special and it will go off in 1 turn vs 3. I haven’t tried carol myself yet but I do use Gulli heavy in the towers.

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If you don’t chase for score in the towers, Carol is a very good investment there as she guarantees a steady chunk damage on the turn she fires. Even more than gullin.
I use 2 of them and the enemies health just melts away

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You’re not supposed to be letting the bomb be cleansed, you should be killing that enemy as soon as the bomb has been set. You need to be very aggressive when using carol. And the bomb easily scales to 450+ damage with the right troops and max emblemed

Sounds like an awesome show. That was a bit before I got into them. My first was Mindcrime Live around 89 - Warrior Soul was the opener. Seen them quite a bit myself. Rock on!

Great concert pal. 88’ or that year they opened for Metallica, we to all three shows (was the dream line up for me). For the Mindcrime tour I believe Faith No More opened for them.

Good time Ryche, good times.

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Joining in on the QR love.

Also first saw them opening for Metallica on the And Justice for All tour, after Mindcrime’s release. And then on the Empires tour (which saw way more Mindcrime played) with Warrior Soul (lord they were bad) opening. I remember all the … for lack of a better term non-metal fans there just to hear ‘Silent Lucidity’ while the rest of us were enjoying the hell out of the likes of Revolution Calling and Eyes of a Stranger.

Both shows in one of the worst concert venues in the country - Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque.

Alas I haven’t seen them since and I think the last album I bought was Mindcrime II which, for me, fell flat.


Not the biggest fan but i do have the first Japanese CD pressing of their debut EP and first 3 full-length haha.

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Great shout outs Pef. the Metallica/QRyche three concerts here in CA were at a crap venue too, the long beach arena. The following mindcrime tour was at Irvine Meadows which was one of the best places to see a concert. Amazing!

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That’s right - it was the Empire Tour with Warrior Soul, but I seem to remember them playing all of Mindcrime… or I could be confusing shows… my brain cell is nowhere near as sharp as it used to be. LOL. Venue for me was decent - Baltimore Civic Center.

Favorite QR show was a the “club” tour when they were doing MC 1 and 2 in their entirety (even though DeGarmo was out of the band by then)

Though I have the entire Tate fronted library, Q2K is about the latest I listen too from that era…Love the energy that LaTorre has brought to the band also.

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For being a show supporting Empires, I only recall them playing about 3 tracks from the album: Silent Lucidity, Jet City Woman, and maybe the title track. If they didn’t play all of Mindcrime, it was very close to.

It was only recently through falling into a rabbit hole of YouTube reactions that I learned that QR had changed singers, so I’ve only heard one track with La Torre. I liked it well enough but haven’t delved into recent releases yet. I should see how his renditions of Tate era songs compare.

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