Next 2 4* to level

Hello guys!

I wanted to get your opinion on the following.

My main goal is war depth so I wantto pick heroes that I can embelem, LB, and keep using for a long time.

Do I level C Sabina and C Melendor (I already have C BT, CKiril, C Rigard at +20 and LB). I am kinda leaning towards them as I can LB them and they will always be useful as healers.

However I have pulled some new heroes that seem strong

I attached a screenshots of the other 4* options that I have.
I have been noticing that Mana control is very effective against bosses during events so Gretel seems valuable as well.

I would do C Sabina for the dispell and buff block, and Mielikki for the mana boosting minions.



so the hard answer is that you should level a bunch of those heroes eventually. most of them will see LB and +20 (or +18 or +19 depending on nodes 19 and 20) because they’ll be useful for a very long time.

the easy answer is C. Sabina because in addition to healing and dispelling, she also prevents future buffs.

i love my C. Melendor, but if you have to choose between one or the other, i would actually suggest Ptolemy first because he’ll also provide ailment protection.


Big fan of Mielikki, Griffin and Gretel. Peters is good in a pinch as well for the silence, but I don’t use him often. Jott can be and is fantastic against nature Titans especially with a good board and/or scrolls of alteration. Team him up with Frida/Nordri, Miki and Isarnia and you have huge tile hits. Mix and match the blues to what you have. Good luck!


4* healers will always be useful. I have 2 each of C.Rigard, C.Mel, C.Kiril and C.BT fully emblemed and LB. Unless you plan on spending a lot to get 5* healers they will always have a place, especially in war. I also have a Sabina up there, but am missing her costume.

That being said, mana control and def down are also very important and 4* can contribute to that for a long time as well. Gretel will serve you well there. Mielikki looks useful too.


you means againts fire titan right?
Jott is always in my red titan teams.

I agree and +1 for C.Sabina, dispell and block status are too valuable.
Ptolemy, then C.Melendor as @dawnsempires said, because we already pick C.Sabine in purple. Then after that Mielikki. LJ is also very good for AW in rush attack rules.

For Red:
I would do Gormek 1st if we do not have Wilbur yet, then Scarlett for fast -att 3 enemies, she has very very hight attack stat, she is always in my nature titan teams.

For Yellow:
If need for attack booster Titan, Wu Kong.
Mana control, Gretel.
Simple fast sniper, Griffin.
Sturdy sniper, Chao.


You have lots of very nice and useful heroes there, CSabina and CMel are definitely among them and you´ll absolutely want to get them up there, the only question is, do they have to be the first 2? That depends mostly on what you have already upgraded. As a general idea, usually people bring 2 to 4 hitters, 1 or 2 healers and 1 or 2 supporters on their teams, so if you upgrade heroes roughly in that ballpark ratio you shouldn´t go too far wrong.

If you think mostly about wars: Put the heroes you already have maxed into teams. Is something missing for a team you want to build? That is the hero you should max out first. So you probably need to think of colour, speed and role in the team so you can find good synergies.

Hitters would be Ahhotep, Griffin, Scarlett, Scoratek
Support/Mana Control: Gretel, Peters, Mielikki
Healers: Big fan of CSabina here, but CMel and Ptolemy are great, too

You also have some specialists there: Like Anton for revive (he is very versatile with damage on charge 1 and heal/revive on charge 2), CGormek and Gobbler as anti-minion. Gormek is probably better because of the variability between defdown and minion-kill. So those you´d upgrade if you wanted that specialty.
Little John/Colen are only for rush wars, so probably lower priority for now

You also have a few classic titan heroes there, but in your case they would be lower priority, since you want to prioritize wars (Wu and Jott).

Some heroes like carol or Chao are probably rather low on the priority list no matter what the goal, both can work for mana control, but you simply have better options there.


Ahh I forgot about Wilbur… I have him sitting at 2/4… I think I dropped him in favor of C Kelile…
Thanks for the reminder!

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Thanks for the feedback guys! Ya’ll were very helpful with your thoughts and strategies.

I will level C Sabina, Mielikki and Wilbur for now.

I will scope C Gormek, Gretel, and Ptolemy next.

I am not pulling anymore so I will finish all the recommended ones here by the time I pull again.

That will keep me busy for a while with the 4*

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I got Khonshu and two copies of Ahhotep last dunes. Will maxed them all as soon as possible. Ahhotep seems good

I got 2 coppies of Ahhotep and Ptolemy but only kept 1 of each. I agree that they are very good but I am looking to start leveling versatile for war depth. Will level up eventually for sure!

Yeah…I always do that. Lol. Sometimes even in the game.

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