[News] Apple updates rules on loot boxes (gacha mechanics)


This won’t effect training camps, but will it should apply to Hero of the Month, Event summons, Elemental summons, Epic Hero/ Troop summons, and daily summons.

The real question is, what does “each type of item” mean? 3*, 4*, 5* hero? Bane?

Odds of Getting Loot / Items / Characters

It will be interesting to see how they classify “for purchase” and whether they count that for directly or indirectly purchased downstream items. What I mean by that is, in E&P you don’t purchase tokens or pulls directly for $. You buy gems. And then you use the gems for a lot of different things, both fixed items and tokens/variable loot. Seems like hand-waving, but lawyers and regulations rarely stem from common sense.


There may well be a more in-depth lawlike ruleset out there with this being the noob-customer-friendly phrasing. I hope so, I think it’s a good idea and it will make things more transparent to the players.


@petri Any feedback on how SG plans to comply with Apple’s new requirements?


When you pay USD, you know what you get, it’s not random.


This isn’t a legal issue in the US (yet); this is a contractual agreement which we don’t know what the ramifications will be if someone doesn’t comply. That said I think Apple holds all the cards on this one, and if I were SG I’d just disclose the gatcha probabilities anyway (which data suggests are pretty close to 2.5 or 3% for a 5* for example on legendary so we’re not totally blind but it has never been confirmed).

That’s different than say Korean law where you have to disclose the probabilities and I think that went into law back in 2015 even.

Also there is probably some implementation and feedback time, so it won’t happen immediately would be my guess.