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I was just promoted, now I’m being asked to promote someone (my choice) to an elder position. My concern is, because this is a new small ALLIANCE, I do not know all of the members that well. Is this game set up to elect a member by committee? All I am doing or want to do is nominate right now, till I get to know everyone in the ALLIANCE.

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You could certainly ask your fellow alliance mates, but only Leaders and Co-Leaders can promote someone to Elder, so the actual promotion will have to be done by one of you.

I’d suggest discussing your concerns with the other members of the alliance leadership.

From a practical standpoint, the main additional permission of an Elder is being able to kick Members. So it’s important to be cautious about whom you give that ability to. If your alliance is Invite Only, then Elders can also accept applicants.


You could tell your leader that you don’t know the members well enough to make a good choice in who to promote. Watch them and see who’s a team player. There’s no rush to get a certain number of elders.

We’ve agreed to give it a week to watch our fellow ALLIANCE members to see how they “gel” with our team. Thank you al for your advice and direction.

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