Newish player looking for some Raid Offensive and Defensive help

Hey y’all

TL:DR- I need help

First of all, I apologize if this is in the wrong place, if I am going about this in the wrong way, or if I am just flat out wrong for another reason.

I have been playing for a few months, spent a little money (and been VERY LUCKY with my pulls), played a BUNCH, read a lot (lurking here without an account and at 7DD), watched some YouTube tutorials, and all in all enjoyed getting back into gaming after a 10 years break.

I have progressed through the game well (S1 22:4/ S2 11:2), become a top performer on my Alliance for wars, generally in the top 4 for titans, and enjoying the special events.

The one area I have almost no fun in are the raids. I have spent countless hours reviewing strategy, analyzing my teams, and trying to get my defensive team up to par. I loose most enemy raids and I maybe break a 40% win rate on my raids. I hover between 1250 and 1350 cups. Never higher never lower. I spend lots of ham to “find better opponents” but routinely loose to teams 100-300 TP lower than me.

I am hoping a few of you fine folks might give me a touch of guidance here.

I know I need better/leveled healers, could get Wu leveled; but past that, I am at a loss. I am open to any and all suggestions.

I appreciate the help!


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I’d focus on leveling your 4s before your 5s

You can max 2 4s at the cost of 1 5. 4s doing that will give you versatility for both defenses and offenses and get you into the next cup tier as well as help you in all other areas of the game

(5s on 3rd ascension might as well go to level 70 though since ascension tier is already started)

Wu, rigard, boldtusk, grimm, tiburtus, proteus, little john, gadeirus, melendor, Scarlett, colen, triton


Thanks @Rigs. Good advice, I’m super impatient and just want to go right to the top :wink:

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4* is a good start

They get you more mats to max your 5s

You can do the epic and legendary tier of challenge events with 4* but can only do one with 5*

Also with your current mat wall, your 5s wont help you a ton in raid tournaments or defense for awhile. Once you have mats to max a 5, then level a 5. But until then just level your 4s

Mats aren’t the only pricier part of 5s, it takes more hams and feeders as well

And will make it easier to use strategies like 3/2 or mono or other strategies in Raids, titans, wars, events, quests, tournaments, etc

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Based on the number of polar bears you have, you are moving way too fast. You cannot rush this game. Plan on months and years, not days and weeks. Pick a good four star team and max them. Boldtusk, Grimm, and Caedmon is where I would start. Also, get Wu Kong maxed sometime soon for use with titans.


I’ll echo the 4* advice above, and also add that I don’t think you really need healers for raid success at all.

My second account is in a very similar situation as you:

  • The only money I’ve spent on it is on the VIP pass
  • Started a few months ago
  • Just finished S1, and in province 14 on S2
  • Been lucky with pulls (Misandra and two Wilburs!)

In raid attacks, I typically bring Misandra (mid third tier), Sonya (3/60), Wilbur (mid fourth tier), Kelile (3/60) and my fifth hero depends on who I’m attacking. I win probably 75%. I would vary my attack team more, but I don’t have strong enough heroes in yellow, purple, or green yet. It’s way easier to win with stronger heroes regardless of color, than it is to win with weaker heroes of the “right” (read: strong against the tank) colors.

In addition to attack team selection though, there are two keys to my relatively high win %:

  1. Re-roll for good matchups, which you’re already doing
  2. Don’t worry too much about how strong your defense team is. If you wake up in the morning having lost a bunch of cups, that’ll just make filling your hero chest that much easier.

Also, I am working on this. Just not there yet.

And thanks for that list. It helps a lot. A few of those were on my “I always loose to those list”= time to level and add them to my raid defense team.

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As for which heroes to focus on maxing at this point, I’d say Proteus, Rigard, Wu, Grimm, Melendor and Boldtusk should be your top priorities, and then Sabina, Tibs, Triton, Kelile, and Scarlett should get consideration next. Additionally, bringing Frida and Red Hood to 3/70 should be on your early radar. Finally, Hel is one of the best heroes in the game, so keep her on your short list too. (But I’d give Trap Tools to Proteus and Rigard before Hel, because two maxed 4s are better than one 3/70 5, and I’m guessing it’ll be a while before you have 6 Tabards to ascend Hel to 4th tier.)


Thanks, @Wearybear.

I hear you on moving too fast, but I did a 30 pull and got three fridas in my first Atlantis summons. Got a few more on random pulls. Like I said, got very lucky.

Great advise on the team and Wu. I appreciate the ideas and advice


COLEN?!!?! It’s like I don’t even know you anymore!

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Also, if you want to get the mats for Ascension, clear your monster and raid chests at least once daily. You won’t always get something useful, but you will eventually get something (and have a shot at the rare elemental chests). I’ve been on the game since September and have built my 4*'s up doing that and having some luck with TC 20 on draws.

Defense is tough; it often depends on factors like opposition board draw along with their strengths.

Offense: Wu is incredibly useful to start advancement in raid tiers; I have him with Boldtusk (specials stack) and Wilbur, but you could replace Wilbur with Tiburtus/Grimm, and get close to the same result. All of those lower defense, and you can one shot some defenders with three tiles if it lines up right.

A lot of players use 3-2 color stack in raids as rigs noted. I use a 3-2 stack to clear out the tank in the center of the defense and then focus on whatever can fire back at me. Healers are annoying, but if they are all that are left on the board, you can ghost tiles until you can kill them with specials.

Also, three 4* fully leveled with decent troops will wipe out an opposition color 5* in about 7 tiles. Just some advice for later, but a solid 4* team should get and keep you in platinum without any problem, which is light years better than gold.

Good luck.


Over 700 attack, plus an AoE, good for defense, good for offense, and wars in a red stack

Personally i never maxed him but that doesnt mean others shouldnt, gotta use what ya get from RNG summons

Boldtusk and scarlett would be the first reds for me though out of what choices he has, then colen depending what other choices he has by then

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I was half-kidding. I actually just maxed him on my main account, because of these very fast mana raid tournaments we’ll be involved in going forward. But he’s squishy and slow mana, so he’d be waaaay down the priority list for a new player, IMO.

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Colen is the Azlar of 4*.

Play him with Wilbur and BT. You will have a very clean board.

@Cvs just follow whatever @Rigs said.


Hey All

just closing the loop, I appreciate the help and advice. Changed up the strategy and focusing on my 4*s for now. Maxed tibs, about to do the same with Caedmon and Boldtusk since they were already in process.

My Defense team 2.0 is coming along well and I want to say thanks!


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