Newest update/somethings wrong – graphics and display issues

I have updated my phone and now the graphics are all out of wack. Lots os diamonds and squares and even temporarily washed out screens depending on types of attacks. Kind of makes it alittle hard to see whats what . PLEASE stop updates until this is fixed.

Yikes! That sounds both frustrating and distracting.

Can you post what model phone you’re using, and ideally the OS version too?

And any chance you can post some screenshots?

Wow, this sounds like a pretty serious issue. Kinda like PC bugs, tho, I suspect that more info would be needed for something of the sort to be corrected - for instance, both of my android phones (different models) are on the most recent version of android.

Are you on iOS or Android? What version? …is it the generic version, or is it a variety provided by your phone maker?

What a bother! Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this. :-/

Figured here would be better than starting a new thread…

Getting issues with my icons since update to. V19
They appear really small but if I zoom in then zoom back out they return to normal size, you can see the iron one which has appeared after zooming in the pics below. Running on latest Android updates.

Yesterday (Feb 9) I got a troop token and ”called” for an epic troop. However the game froze in the state that I saw the portal ”spinning round” as it normally does but the troop never came. After a minute I restarted the game. This is where the REAL ISSUE came: The game had at this point forced me to buy several troops. I believe it was 8-10 troops. First I thought I had got extra troops for free but when checking this morning almost all my diamonds where gone. Need help urgently!

Yikes! That’s a major issue, you should definitely contact support about that, @BeneathStealSky.

Here are the instructions for how to get in touch with them:

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Thanks for the quick reply!

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