Newest update, Santa hats

Not exactly a bug, but I noticed the little people in my stronghold are still wearing their Santa hats. Must be cold… :wink:


I thought it was a permanent avatar given. If that’s the case, your players can be snowmen as long as they please! :smile:

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Hi Rook!
Sorry for not making myself clear. I don‘t mean the avatars, I mean the
tiny inhabitants of the stronghold. You know, the little guys that are
always busy walking around… they still have their Santa hats on.
Didn‘t have them before the winter special.


The snowmen didn’t exist before the special of course…hmm, what magic is making them stay beyond December? :wink:

(Download the new 1.9.5 version from App Store or Googleplay and the snowmen will melt.)

@Rook, not the snowmen. Witch is talking about the little humans, who are still wearing a small red jelly bag cap.

Hmm. My humans are so small even with zoom, I can’t tell if those are Santa hats or not (just red).

A mystery! I shall go find out! :grin:

Hahaha… My people are still wearing Santa Hats too!
Must be the Polar Vortex :slight_smile:

I can zoom pretty well in my iPad. I can see pom poms swinging off the hats. :slight_smile:

Ha! Christmas year round! :grin:

Yep, they wanted to keep them a little longer! :santa: The hats should disappear in the next update.


I love the Santa Hats.
And zooming in and having those little people stop and wave at me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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