Newer but invested player. Few questions

Started playing 3 weeks ago. Enjoying the game and figuring out the mechanics after playing a similar game for a few years.

Are there any youtube channels of people going through tips and tricks? I just watched Zero’s base tour and learned a lot.

Are people ok with tons of n00b questions or is this forum mainly for late-stage players?

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Everyone here is helpful, here is a link to get you started

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Forum is for anyone, feel free to ask :wink:

You can start looking this channel and the correlated ones:

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I don’t know if anyone would mind, but you should search the forum before posting. Seems improbable that you’d have tons of questions nobody asked before. :slight_smile:

Noobs are going do encounter different problems than Zero, so I think you should start from something else, like the link Branwen posted.


I would ask away. The 7D folks are some of the best in the world and know whats going on. Dont hesitate at all to ask.

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  1. Check out Coppersky’s Compendium for the basic foundation to the game:

  2. Be aware that 7DD has a Discord Chat and welcomes outside players with questions. You should be able to find information about it on their main page:
    Seven Days Gaming - A Multi-Alliance, Premier Community

  3. Search keywords of your questions first so you aren’t asking the same question already answered in triplicate here on the Forums. If you can’t find it in search, post away! :wink:

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If no one has already recommended this, find an alliance that is geared towards teaching and encouraging new players. There are lots out there. Mine is one. (Shameless plug for Magnificent Bastards)


Check out Anchor of 7DD on youtube.

My clan, Wolves of Winterfell will also welcome another newer person. We have a top 10 sister clan King of the North. We will be hitting top 100 soon enough. We are also a chatty bunch and welcome questions.

Good gaming!


Is it better to power level your stronghold or do you want to max everything out before you upgrade stronghold?

Stronghold rush is a good strategy but you should find use to your food for heroes/items and keep all the iron you can for the next upgrade.

I rushed to 20 and then built the rest.

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My stronghold is at 12 right now. Most farms and mines are at 7-9.

There is a thread that details the fastest way to get to SH20 and TC20 if that is your primary goal. I know it was mine!

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do you have a link to that?

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I don’t, sadly, it was buried in some other thread. A new thread with that title like 'Fastest most efficient way to build your base to TC20 may get that answer quicker than either of us searching.


Was it this?

I’m currently Stronghold, Mines & Farms @ 14, 3X TC@11, Forges @10,7,5, Barracks@2, Watchtower@12

My plan is to get SH, mines, and farms as high as I can, as fast as I can. More food production makes leveling up mines faster. More iron production makes leveling everything else up faster. (I had spare food to upgrade my watchtower, and since I’m on often enough to collect most its production instead of loosing it all to raids, I’ve got it fairly high. It produces more iron than a mine and more food than a farm for me, so that is worth it! If you log on less often, it won’t help you as much.)

Talking to an alliance member, food shortages may be in my past for a while, so perhaps I’ll let farms be a level down…or at least delay the upgrades until I’m chugging along on my next stronghold upgrade. I :heart: my second builder!!!

Next priority is training camps. Getting to 11 is HUGE; I did that ASAP, and quickly got my other two up to that level. Getting to 20 will be HUGE also, but that’s a long way away, and being halfway there early doesn’t do anything for me. I bought gems for a couple 10-pulls and got excess 3* heroes and sufficient 4* heroes. Without that in my budget, I might have actually researched and used TC10, and I probably would have made TC13 a priority despite the sucky odds (3~5%) of getting 4* heroes.

If I’ve got a bunch of feeder troops, an excess of food, and my best troops are all maxed, I’ll upgrade my barracks further. Building it was HUGE. Level 2 is doing me well enough right now.

Forges are fast, and mostly sitting idle so you don’t need to get more than one of them very high level. Upgrade them based on what you want to craft / can afford to craft. One is stuck at 5, to have a barracks on top of it. My titan loadout is Bear, Turtle, Axe, Arrows, and I occasionally use antidotes and mana potions. (I’ve got a LOT of healer heroes, so seldom use healing potions; YMMV) Having one forge at 7 (8 would be better, including the axes) lets me craft all those. I’m working one toward higher levels for really good stuff, but nothing below 19 (tornado) has me so excited I’ll keep it up to the level of my stronghold yet.

Last priority is storage, only done for NEEDED capacity to use/unlock a higher priority. (see above list)

I upgrade iron storage to what I need for my next stronghold level.

I’ve upgraded food storage so I can fairly easily hold the 273k food to ascend level 60 heroes, since I’m a long way to ascending a 5* a second time, both in items and in levels! (I’ll need 516k to get my watchtower over 12, and probably won’t bother 'till I can see a 773k 5* full ascension on my horizon…)

Recruit storage is a non-issue; I’m always stuffing them into a TC11 bank, 'tho I can hold 76 right now. I’ll need to get that up over 100 when I hit TC20… I might bump the highest one to level 10 just for the 5 gem mission reward before i need the space :slight_smile:

The cool thing about letting stuff lag behind is that later on when your food and iron production is way higher, so what felt like a “big expense” when you didn’t do it for building or researching something 4 stronghold levels ago feels like pocket change when you get around to it.

There are other strategies besides mine, but I’m generally good at optimizing things like this.

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Wow! Thank you so much for the detailed response!