Newblet needs loving home

Hi guys!
New to this game (but not to gaming), played about 2 month and frequent flyer in the forum.
Current defense team maxed 4* rainbow (3788ish) with a second set on the way. Another dozen or so maxed 3*s. Finished Top 1% in the last Rush tournament. Never missed a Titan, I use all my flags (though some less effectively than others due to shallow roster). 1800ish cups.
Appreciate my current team for having taken me in with zero cups and no experience but I’m looking for a more active, chattier environment to continue growing in. Frustrating to watch the Titans escape because only a third of the alliance participates.
I have discord but not line. Think I might be a good fit for your alliance? :woman_superhero: Tell me a bit about them, looking forward to meeting new comrades in arms!


Come check us out. We are Never Ending. Think we might be the next step for you.


Check out Sinister 13 Beginnings. I am not associated with them other than having a nice chat one time with their leader about trying to grow the alliance. They are a training guild and first step towards a couple other sister alliances that are more advanced.

Alternately, feel free to check out Hogwarts Castle (my alliance) we are a casual guild, so may not be your cup of tea. (Recruitment thread further down the forum if you’re interested. Haven’t bumped it in a while.)


You’ll be inundated with offers. Daily active players are like Gold, even those just starting out. :wink:Kiwi Academy started by an experienced player wanting to help up-and-comers and a wealth of game knowledge to share… @cyber

More information here…

Good Luck in your E&P journey


Hello check out equator alliances we have players of all skill levels. We have 5 different groups so we can find a home for you click on the link


Voidbringers is a good training alliance… Im not with them just giving a shout out…

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