~!~ NEWBIES WANTED ~!~ Grow at your own pace in a fun, friendly alliance with Lil Rebels!

Lil Rebels is the place for actual new or low-level players to learn the ropes, grow your teams, and figure out your playstyle. We also welcome higher level players who want to relax in a laid back environment.

Lil Rebels alliance deets

Current players: 13/30

Cup requirement: none

TP requirement: none

Titans: we had a few high level players visiting for a while so we just defeated a 6*, but with our current members we usually sit around 3-4*

Lil Rebels is an offshoot of our parent alliance, -Rebel Empire-. Several of us have our alt accounts in the Lil Rebels, and occasionally some of our main members stop by to chill for a while. Those of us in Lil Rebels enjoy helping new players learn the game, while letting you grow at your own pace.

We do utilize in-game chat, but much of our communication is on Discord. You can contact me there (@DeviousDamsel#0281). Server deets are in the image. Both alliances are on the same server, so you’ll have access to our large library of information as well as all of our experienced and friendly members!

“We’re loud proud, if you’re gonna join, know that we are xrated, spicy, snarky, loveable band of misfits. Expect loyalty and family-like qualities”

Come visit! See if we fit! Can’t wait to have you!

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Lil Rebels alliance deets (updated)

Are you still in the first alliance you found, where nobody talks or uses flags, and it pains you to see yet another titan escape after you single-handedly took it down to 10% health?

Then come join us! We are a fun and friendly family of players who love this game so much, we made second accounts so we can re-experience the joys of pulling dupe 3* heroes for the first time :joy: Over at our parent alliance, -Rebel Empire-, we take things seriously. But around here at Lil Rebels we’re kickin’ back and having a blast.

We love killing titans and winning wars, and we know how to make it happen. You’ll be opening titan and war chests all the time! That said, nobody will be keeping track of your flags. We are totally into talking strategy and helping you get the most out of your roster, but if you just wanna do your own thing that’s cool too.

We are most excited for players who are trying to work with what they’ve got until they finally get big enough to do the third level of trials. We’d love to cheer you on along the way… we’re working our way there too!

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